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October Favourites - The Fall, Herbal Essences & Thorntons!

Today I have my October Favourites for you! This month there are quite a few TV favourites, there are just so many good things on at the moment that I have to include, there were more than I wanted to add but I've left those for next month as they're still ongoing! I've added some great beauty and food bits aswell though.
The Fall Source, Cold Feet Source, Our Girl Source.
Herbal Essences Moroccan My Shine Shampoo - This shampoo has made my hair feel lovely, so soft and fluffy. My hair gets quite greasy quite quickly, I wash it every other night but sometimes the next day after washing it can feel horrible again, this shampoo has made it feel fresh for days though and I really recommend giving it a try if you haven't. It was only £1 from somewhere like B&M and sometimes it's on offer at Superdrug as it's only a small bottle, it smells gorgeous too!

Herbal Essences Life's Beachy Conditioner - I normally go for any conditioner that's on offer but when I last ran out I asked George to pick me some up and he came back with a limited edition bottle by Herbal Essences, it was on offer at £2 for quite a big bottle and it smells gorgeous. It has peach and lily fragrances and I love anything peach scented so this one is just perfect! When I use this I can genuinely smell it for hours later, my hair smells better than it has before with any other conditioners and combined with the shampoo, it makes it feel so soft. I really want to pick another bottle up ready for when I run out!

Our Girl - I probably should have put this in my last favourites but technically the last episode was in the first week of October so I'm still including it. A new series of Our Girl starring Michelle Keegan came back last month and I really, really enjoyed it. Series 2 follows Corporal Georgie Lane, an experienced army medic who has plenty going on in her personal life aswell as her work. Each episode was so tense and I was hooked throughout all of them. I was rooting for her to be with Elvis as I'm sure most people were and as the ending was left quite open hopefully next series we'll see them back together!

The Fall - We didn't watch Series 1 & 2 when they were on TV but we caught up months ago ready for the third and final series which started at the end of September. It stars Jamie Dornan who I just love and this is definitely his best work, playing Serial Killer Paul Spector. Every episode is so tense and you never know what's going to happen, I didn't know where they could take it after the end of series 2 but they've kept us guessing all the way through and it's been a great end to a great programme.

Cold Feet - Again this is something we binge watched ages ago, we bought the full DVD set while we were in Leicester and loved it, so I was very happy when they returned for a new series. As it had been so long since the last series it was definitely a risk to bring something so popular back but it's definitely worked and I've seen on Twitter how much everyone has been loving it. I've really enjoyed watching this every Monday night and seeing what all of the characters have going on. I think John Thomson who plays Pete has done a great job with his characters depression storyline. It's something that still isn't spoken about enough, especially the fact it happens to men too and a lot don't say anything, and it's been good to see it on such a big show and get it out there.

Essie Chinchilly - I used this for the first time a few weeks ago after getting it in a christmas set on Amazon. It's a classic grey shade and just looks so pretty on. It's so quick to apply and actually took seconds to remove. Not that I needed to take it off for quite a while, I went a good 10 days with only minimal chipping which I thought was really impressive, without a top coat too. Definitely one to wear any time of the year.

Nacho Feast - I am pretty sure I've included this in a favourites before but I don't really mind mentioning it again. I made this a few weeks ago, I make chilli all the time but I very rarely do this, I don't know why as it's easy and makes the same meal a bit different. Slimming World call this the nacho feast even though there are no nachos included, it's basically chilli in a dish with homemade wedges around the side, you then put it in the oven with cheese on the top and wait for it to melt. It's all one heap of chilli and wedges and it tastes amazing. I may have used a bit too much cheese in the one I've included above!

Thorntons Caramel Shortcake Bars - I am just obsessed with these. Thorntons do loads of little things like brownies, white chocolate caramel squares, caramel cake bars, and I've found a lot of them in Poundland and also Asda usually have them. I prefer all of these things by Thorntons to their actual chocolate which is what they're known for. They just taste SO good and I can't get enough of them.

Have you been watching any of these TV programs? What have you been loving this month?

Did you see last months favourites? - Paperchase, Clipper Tea & The Purge.

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emma me and b said...

ah see we watched Cold feet ages ago and we completely forgot about the new season on itv and there is no catch up on the hubbys xbox! so annoyed lol! at the mo we are watching greys anatomy...which reminds me, time to stop reading and tweeting and time to sit and watch hehe! #bloggerspromohour as me and b make tea on twitter x

Unknown said...

Yummy I want some Thorntons chocolate after reading that

Keep up the good work
Warm wishes
Jazziepickles xoxo

elegantlychiicx said...

Looove monthly favorites, they're just so fun to read!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, that Essie polish looks STUNNING! x

Unknown said...

Ah I love Cold Feet and watched it last time round. So glad Adam has found love again!
Sharon x

Mel said...

I loved The Fall!! Never expected that at all!! Can't believe its finished now! x

Tiffany Timms said...

Oh no! It was a great series! I've never watched Grey's Anatomy but always wanted too, so much good stuff on TV at the moment! x

Tiffany Timms said...

Haha it's good chocolate :) Thank you x

Tiffany Timms said...

I love them too :) x

Tiffany Timms said...

It looks so nice on! Lasts for ages! x

Tiffany Timms said...

Me too, it was a great series! x

Tiffany Timms said...

Me neither, had no idea how it would end but didn't expect that! All 3 series were so good x

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