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Date Night Box Review*

Who doesn't love Date Night? It's so nice every so often to get a bit dressed up and to head out for the night with someone special, but sometimes it's even better to stay in, get cosy and just watch a film with some good food! Sometimes I actually prefer staying in rather than going for a meal out, just eating loads of chocolate and spending quality time together. This is where the Date Night Box comes in. Emma and Kayleigh came up with this idea of a Date Night box so that couples could spend quality time together, properly reconnect and focus just on each other, all from the comfort of your own home too. Each month the box arrives and contains lots of different, indulgent experiences that you might not necessarily get to try otherwise, and each box is supposed to feel like a real treat. A few weeks ago I was very lucky to receive a Date Night Box to review, I had never seen anything like this before and it was so exciting to not know what was inside! 
Our Date Night box arrived at the perfect time actually. It came two days before we were due to go away to London so we decided to keep it until we got back. I knew I'd be feeling a bit down once we were back and would need cheering up and this was the perfect thing for it! We decided to save it til Thursday night and after a nice tea we sat down to have a look at our Date Night box and got started! This box was chocolate themed and to be honest it couldn't have been a better one for us! We both love any sort of chocolate and a lot of our date nights or evenings in involve chocolate and snacks so this was already perfect. We received an A5 print (this was great as it can go on our photo wall in the bedroom) a little bottle of prosecco, a box of chocolates, white chocolate buttons, hot chocolate stirrers, chocolate discs and chopsticks. It's not as simple as just eating the chocolate and drinking the prosecco, there are fun games involved and it was completely different to anything we had done before. 
You get instructions in the box so you know what to do with everything. The first step was to play the After Eight game. I had never played this before but it was so much fun! There were 6 chocolate disks, 2 dark, 2 milk and 2 white. You put one on your forehead and have to try and get it in your mouth without using your hands. It took us both a while but we managed it just about with all of them. There was a lot of funny movements and techniques and we both ended up with chocolate all over our faces! The chocolate tasted really good and you could tell it was good quality. The next step was to pour the chocolate buttons into a bowl and use chopsticks to pick them up, the first to pick 20 up won. This was much more difficult than I imagined! It took me ages and George ended up winning but it was a really fun little game. Next, we had to melt the white chocolate and dip our glasses into it to coat the top. This was the Lick and Sip game. I love prosecco and I wasn't sure how this was going to taste but it was actually really, really nice. Included in this bit were some questions to ask each other, I think this was my favourite bit. There were 12 questions, some were chocolate themed e.g. if you could only eat one more chocolate bar what would it be? and others were were more about each other e.g. what are your favourite things about me? and what day of our relationship would you like to experience again? I really, really loved this part, it's not something you would really think to do any other time and it was nice to tell each lots of nice things and have a laugh about each other answers. A few of our answers actually made me a bit emotional and it was just really lovely. 
The next step involved tasting mats, scorecards and foiled chocolates. There was a box of mixed chocolates and we had to place them on each mat in the correct place before tasting them. We tried them one at a time starting with the black foiled chocolate and ending on the blue one. With each one we had to guess the flavour and this was actually harder than it sounds! There was a little envelope with the answers in which obviously you don't look at til the end, but when we did we found we had got most of them wrong! The black one we thought was cherry but it was actually honey, and the purple one we thought was chilli but it was lemon! We went so wrong with some of them but it was really fun and the chocolate tasted amazing. We could tell with all of the chocolate that it was really good quality. All the chocolate in the box was handmade in the New Forest, Hampshire. They only use the highest quality ingredients and the cocoa is sustainably and ethically sourced in West Africa. It honestly tasted beautiful and the white buttons especially were so smooth and creamy. The last thing that was included in the box was two hot chocolate stirrers. We didn't have these on Thursday as we were so full from the rest of the chocolate but we saved them for last night to have as one last treat and they tasted amazing with cream on top and marshmallows!

I just loved this whole box. I think it's such a great idea, not everyone has the time or can be bothered to dress up and go out so this is great for those nights where you want to do something special but don't want to have to spend loads of time and effort on something! This is all done for you and as you don't know what's included it's a great little surprise each month. It's a great way to reconnect with your partner and spend some proper quality time together. We had such a fun night and we loved everything that was included. If you want to try the Date Night Box you can subscribe for £39.95 a month. You get a different box each month, no prep is needed, it's all done for you and you can cancel anytime.

This is definitely something we'll subscribe to in the future! I loved the element of surprise with it and it was good to have a cosy date night in, and as the box was chocolate themed this month it was even better. I loved that there was a free print included, I think that's a really nice added touch to it and also you get a card with both your names on which explains a little bit about the box. I thought those things show real effort and time has gone into these boxes to make them as special as possible. It was all so enjoyable and would definitely be worth the money!

If you want to find out a bit more information about Date Night, check out their website here!

*Thank you to Emma and Kayleigh for sending me a Date Night box to review! I only work with brands I feel are relevant to me and my blog and I genuinely think this is a great product!

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