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Gemporia Ombre Birthstone Candle Review*

If you were to ask me for one thing that I'm obsessed with buying, it would always be candles! I just can't help myself. Obviously the scent is the main thing and I love a huge range from sweet to floral and even baked goods, but I also like them to look pretty, so this beautiful candle from Gemporia is a winner on both parts! As my birthday was in January, I was sent one of their Ombre Birthstone Candles and I have absolutely loved using it over the last month.
Gemporia Garnet Candle
Gemporia were a relatively new brand to me but I was really impressed at the range of products available and how gorgeous they all were. Gemporia offer the very best in stylish, affordable and responsibly made genuine gemstone jewellery so they are a brilliant brand to consider for any birthdays coming up for that extra special present. Gemporia believe that jewellery shouldn't be over the top expensive but it should be something that each person who makes it and wears it appreciates. In all of the products available at Gemporia, only genuine gemstones are used and precious metals meaning everything is original and ethical. 

As soon as I unwrapped the parcel I loved just the packaging of the candle alone! It comes in a white and purple box and it looks so sleek and elegant. I think the simple added touch of the box makes it such a great idea for a gift as it seems like so much thought has gone into making it special. I then discovered the beautiful Garnet Birthstone Candle inside and I couldn't believe how stunning it was. The ombre red is so unique and totally different to any other candles I currently have or have had in the past. I knew straight away that this could go in our living room as that has hints of red and it really does go perfectly. I didn't actually know much about my birthstone so it was nice to find out a bit more about it through Gemporia. 

'Garnet Legends and folklore place Garnet among the most ancient of talismans. Not only was it prized as an ornamental jewel, but its strong curative powers and protective energies made it invaluable.'
What I love about this candle that makes it different to the others I currently have placed around the flat is that it's only made from eco friendly products including natural oils and 100% soy wax. This gives it a very clean burn which is important as I hate it when you burn a candle and it starts to go black around the glass ruining the whole look! Something else I really like about this candle in particular is the 6 carats of Garnet which are fused into the top layer of the wax which is infused with a Fressia fragrance. As the wax melts, the gemstones start to gently float in it and you can see it happening which I actually find quite calming to watch! I'd not seen anything like it before and it's just something else that adds to the uniqueness of the candle. Though the scent isn't the strongest, the longer it burns the more intense it gets. I tend to leave this burning for a few hours in the evening and it does eventually start to fill the room, it's not an instant hit of fragrance but that's really only a small downside. It's still a lovely scent and the look of it makes up for that I think. If you're also a January baby like me, this is currently on offer for just £14.99 on the Gemporia website.
Gemporia Garnet Candle
If your birthday is coming up and you want to treat yourself, it's definitely worth having a look at what products are available for your birthstone, and if any friends or family are celebrating a birthday soon, something from their birthday month would be such a thoughtful gift! They really do have some beautiful pieces from the more high end side to more affordable gifts, so something for everyone. If you would like to find your own birthstone or just want to see what other products are available, you can find lots of information on their website. You can also find them on Instagram and Twitter!

*Product sent for the purpose of this post. I only work with brands relevant to me and my blog

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