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Things I Want To Make More Time For This Year

Self care is something I think is really important and something everyone should make time for within their week. I've mentioned before some of the things I do to try and relax but there are definitely some other things I feel I need to make more time for this year. All quite simple things which make me happy and chill me out a little but ones I don't do enough.
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Reading Magazines

I know, I know, trashy magazines but I used to love reading them. I remember I used to go through a good few a week, I dread the amount I used to spend on them but over the last few years that's sort of dwindled. I think because now everything is so instant with social media, it's almost a bit like there's no need to read magazines anymore which I find a bit sad. I love chilling in the bath with a good magazine so I definitely want to start picking them up every so often.

Reading Books

Following on from my last point, I also really want to make more time for reading books this year. I've mentioned quite a few times recently that I need to get back into it and this year is the year for that. I find magazines less intense than a book so they're great for when I just want a quick 10 mins to take some time out but I do love getting my head stuck in a book at night. It chills me out before bed and gives me something to focus on. 

Coffee Dates

I say coffee dates, I don't like coffee but you get the gist. I used to love when I'd pop to Starbucks with friends and just sit and chat for hours so I'd love to get back into doing things like that, and I'd also love for George and I to take more time for things like that. A drink in Costa or somewhere like that doesn't have to cost loads but it's a nice way to get out and do something a little bit different. When my anxiety is hopefully a lot better, I'd love to go and do some blogging in a coffee shop as I find I'm so much more productive when I'm away from the sofa!

Interacting With Others

This might seem like a bit of an odd one but as I don't currently have a job, I find I don't actually talk to many people! Even though I think I do quite well in social situations, the actual thought of them sometimes is a bit daunting and talking on the phone is quite a big deal for me and has been for a long time because of my anxiety. This year I really want to try and reach out to more people, and even just other bloggers I'd love to interact more. I've got some great bloggers who I consider friends now but I'd love to branch out and find more people similar to me, I just always get a bit shy!

My Hair and Makeup

I mentioned in my wedding hair and makeup post that I used to wear makeup everyday, regardless of if I was going out or not and even though I don't want to get back to that, because it's just not needed, I do want to make a bit more of an effort with it. It can be easy to think well there's no point putting any makeup on today because I'm not going out, but there are days where I feel a bit crap about my appearance and just a bit of makeup really helps. If it's going to make me feel a bit more confident then why not get a bit dressed up for no real reason? I also want to make more of an effort with my hair too. I feel like this is making me sound like a bit of a mess, but I recently had my hair cut after growing it for so long and it's made such a difference. It looks healthier, fresher and I feel so much better about it now. I definitely want to keep on top of that and treat myself every so often to a proper cut and freshen up.

Pamper Nights

This kind of goes hand in hand with my previous point, but I want to make time for proper pamper nights and really indulge. I really started focusing on skincare in 2017 so I want to continue that and have nights where I go all out, exfoliation, face masks, the lot. I had a bit of a pamper night recently and it was lovely! I had a hot bubble bath, did a face mask, washed my hair, did my nails, and I even got a massage out of it, and I just felt amazing. I think pamper nights are great when you've had a hard week or just need to de-stress a little bit.

Baking & Cooking

I do cook anyway but my love for it has sort of been up and down over the last year or so. I seem to have gone through phases where I've wanted to make meals from scratch all week and other times where just putting something in the oven is far easier. At the moment I tend to rotate the same sorts of meals so I'd love to get trying some new things over the next few months and creating some new meals. The same goes for baking too. I absolutely love it and it's something that does chill me out but recently it's felt like far too much effort! I love making cakes, brownies and all sorts of things like that but I really want to branch out and experiment a bit more with my baking.


There was one weekend in particular a few years ago now where we went out and properly explored the parks around our area for the first time and I always remember it because it was such a nice day out. I'd love to do more of that this year, especially when the weather is a bit nicer. I'd also love to do more visits to places like Bradfield which is so beautiful all year round and so lovely to walk around. It's something that doesn't really cost much money but is always a nice day out.

Date Nights

Depending on what you do, date nights can be a little expensive so we don't have them all that often but whenever we do it's always so much fun. I'd really like to get back into having regular date nights each month where we go for a meal or pop out for the day somewhere we haven't been before.

So that's some of the things I'd like to make more time for this year. I think taking time out to do what makes you happy is so important when most of the time life is so stressful!

What sorts of things do you want to do more of this year?

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