Monday, 9 December 2019

My December To-Do List

This post is totally inspired by Hannah's December To-Do List so definitely head on over to her blog and check her post out too, she is one my all time fave bloggers! I've actually been meaning to do one of these for a while but just not got round to it until now and when I saw Hannah's post I realised that December would be the perfect time to start. It's my absolute favourite time of the year, Christmas is really just around the corner and it tends to be when I'm at my busiest work-wise and personally, but also a time where I really make sure to have plenty of cosy weekends in with nothing but festive films and hot chocolates. So, here are a few of my plans for the month, let me know what yours are!
Carousel at Leeds Christmas Market

See Frozen 2

I am SO excited to see Frozen 2 this week! I definitely don't get out to the cinema as much as I used to now we have Bear so it's something I look forward to even more now. George and I saw Last Christmas a few weeks ago which was BRILLIANT, it made me feel even more festive (like that was possible) but Frozen is always a film I put on around Christmas Day so I can't wait to see what the second film is like. I've been listening to the soundtrack for weeks and I'm fully obsessed with 'Show Yourself'.

Visit The York Christmas Market

We visited the Leeds Christmas Market last weekend and whilst it was good, it's definitely not my fave of all the ones we've been too so I can't wait to see what the markets in York are like. York is already a pretty christmassy place and it's somewhere we love to go every so often anyway so I just can't wait to be back there. It'll be our second wedding anniversary too so even more reason to look forward to it, it's come around so fast!

More Christmas Baking

I shared my recipe for snowmen cupcakes last week which is the first bit of festive baking I've done in a long time so I really want to try and create some more bits this month. I want to do christmas tree brownies because brownies are life and maybe some sort of iced biscuits would be nice too!

Winter Walks With Bear

I really want to try and get out a bit more with Bear this month on some Winter walks. He absolutely loves having a good explore and meeting other dogs and I personally love that feeling of coming home afterwards and getting all cosy with a Christmas film. It's absolutely freezing out at the moment though so he needs to be wrapped up warm which he isn't too fond of.

Watch All Of My Fave Christmas Films

Both George and I were ill last week, and I'm talking the most ill we've ever been in our lives, so we watched a load of Christmas films over the weekend and it was lovely. Not the being ill part which I could have definitely gone without but it was an opportunity to get wrapped up in blankets, nap and do nothing but watch films. I've already cried far too many times at Love Actually ,watched The Holiday for the millionth time and got through one too many cheesy Christmas24 movies but I have lots more I want to watch over the next few weeks.

I can't believe we're in December already and that Christmas is just a few weeks away. I adore this time of year, I just don't want it to be over so quickly!

Have you got any Christmas film recommendations? Do you have much planned for December?

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jennyinneverland said...

Fab list, I want to see Frozen 2 as well! And I definitely want to make some sort of cake! x


maries_connections said...

lovely list . I want to see Frozen 2. Watch Elf for Christmas I mean you probably already did. I have not much planned for this season apart long walk, farmer market trip(to look for sustainable food) , charity shops visit ( we only buy second hand gifts for sustainability reasons) , baking, crafting etc.

Lady Writes said...

My list include watching as many Christmas films as possible! x

Heather Nixon said...

I still need to watch my fave Christmas film - elf x

Sophie said...

Aww this is a great list. I haven't watched any Christmas movies yet, I'm waiting until I'm done and can switch off a bit. I went to York Christmas market a couple of weeks ago and managed to pick up a few bits for presents! x


Tiffany Timms said...

Frozen 2 is brilliant! Honestly SO GOOD!

Tiffany Timms said...

That all sounds lovely! Frozen 2 is amazing, you'll love it I'm sure xx

Tiffany Timms said...

Got to be done hasn't it! I still have loads left to watch xx

Tiffany Timms said...

I still need to watch Elf too! x

Tiffany Timms said...

Ooh I can't wait to see the York markets! I'm so excited xx

Hannah said...

Ah thank you so much for your lovely comments! I really enjoyed reading through your list and hope you've managed to get through it. I've seen your Aftereight brownies on your Instagram stories and they look so good xx

Hannah| luxuryblush

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