Wednesday 4 December 2019

Recent Favourites - & Juliet, The Politician & Christmas Markets

It's been a while since my previous favourites post so I thought I would do a final one before the end of 2019. How are we so close to Christmas already?! I'm not ready for it all to be over. Over the last few months I've been keeping note of some products I've been going back to over and over again, TV shows I've binge-watched and places I've been so let's get started.
collage - The Politician poster, Bear on autumn walk, home bargains candle, hot chocolate, body shop pear range, & Juliet CD, Last Christmas movie

& Juliet Cast Recording

Okay we have to talk about this first because I AM OBSESSED. In case you didn't see last month I shared my review of this brand new musical and honestly I am just waiting to see it again now. It's a twist on the classic love story of Romeo & Juliet - what would happen if Juliet lived? It's just so much fun, cheesy at times, full of heart and the cast are out of this world. After a run in Manchester, it's now open in the West End at the Shaftesbury Theatre and to tie in with that they've just released the original cast recording. It's full of songs you are guaranteed to have heard, some with a little twist and I just can't stop playing it. AMAZING.
& Juliet cast recording

Autumn Walks

The cold crisp weather is my favourite and there's nothing better than going for a long walk and then getting back to a cosy home afterwards. We took Bear for a lovely Autumn walk recently to somewhere we'd not been before and he absolutely loved it! We all met so many other dogs so I was in my element just as much as he was and the place we went was beautiful. The sun was shining but there was a chill in the air and the ground was covered in crunchy leaves. Autumn and Winter are just the best months.
Bear in the woods

The Body Shop Pear Range

I was a little disappointed when it was revealed that The Body Shop weren't bringing back their peppermint range this year so I wasn't going to get anything but then I had a sniff of the brand new Pear range when we were in Leeds last month and OMG I think it might actually be their best yet. It's surprisingly festive but is fruity enough that you could use the scent all year round. I got the shower gel, a bath bomb and the body yoghurt which is just divine to use after a shower. I'm hoping it will go sale after Christmas so I can stock up!
The Body Shop Pear range - shower gel, bath bomb and body yoghurt

Home Bargains Vanilla Sugar Cookies Candle

This candle is bloody brilliant. Forget paying over £20 for a Yankee Candle, get yourself down to Home Bargains and pick up one of these for just £2.99! I mentioned in my Christmas Homeware Haul that I'd stocked up on the Vanilla Sugar Cookies tealights but I couldn't resist the big candle too and for the price, it's an absolute steal. It makes the whole living room smell gorgeous for hours and it is honestly just as good as the the more expensive candles from various brands, I have no idea how but it is. I keep burning this but I don't want it to run out. There are a few other festive scents too though so I might try and grab some of those whilst they're still available as it's just too good of a bargain to miss.
Home Bargains Vanilla Sugar Cookies candles

Christmas Markets

God, I ADORE Christmas markets! Every year George and I try to get to a couple at least and normally we visit the Manchester ones in Albert Square as they just do Christmas SO well. We also usually have some sort of festive trip to London so Winter Wonderland and the Southbank Market have been enjoyed many times but this year we switched it up. Last weekend we went to the Leeds market for the first time and whilst it wasn't the best we've been too and not one I'd really plan a visit to again over others, I'm still glad we went. We devoured the most delicious fried potatoes, struggled with the spiciest currywurst I've ever had in my life and drank a beautiful hot chocolate in the cutest mug which I definitely snuck home with me. It was such a festive day so I'm still really glad we went somewhere new and now I'm just uber excited to see what York's market is like in a few weeks.
Hot chocolate at Leeds Christmas Market

Last Christmas

As we had lots of time to spare before picking Bear up from daycare after our trip to Leeds we went to see Last Christmas finally and I'm still not over it. I'm sure it won't go down in history as one of the best ever Xmas films but for people like me who love any sort of Christmas film, it was PERFECT. It was so heartwarming, funny with brilliant acting from Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding, all the music is George Michael which felt really special and of course it was #emosh. I cried A LOT which I wasn't expecting and if I think about it I can feel myself ready to go again, but seriously if you've been thinking about seeing it, do it! It's a lovely, feel good film that's sure to get you in a festive mood.
Last Christmas movie

The Politician

You know when you find a TV show where as soon as it ends you want to go right back to the beginning and re-watch? Well The Politician made me feel that way. I mentioned this in my latest Netflix recommendations so I won't go on too much but it's just absolutely brilliant. It follows student Payton who knows one day he will be president but for now he has to tackle becoming his school's student body president. Ben Platt is incredible as the lead but the whole cast are fantastic and I can't wait to see where they take it in the next series. The music throughout is stunning too.
The Politician Netflix
So that's everything I've been wanting to mention over the last few weeks. I'd love to know if you've been to any Christmas markets too, or if you have any other Netflix recommendations?

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Heather Nixon said...

I still need to go to the Manchester christmas markets x

Sophie said...

Bear looks so cute in that photo! I've been loving reading more in the colder months now I have an excuse not to go outside 😂. I haven't smelt the pear range, that sounds amazing x


jennyinneverland said...

Look at Bear! I saw Last Christmas last week and absolutely LOVED it! x


Daisy said...

Awwww!! Can I adopt Bear as my fluffy family member? xD So cute!! I'm hoping to visit a Christmas market next week when I'm in London so yay!

Daisy xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived

Lady Writes said...

I do love that Body Shop Pear Range x

Tiffany Timms said...

Hope you get chance to go soon xx

Tiffany Timms said...

He's so cute isn't he! xx

Tiffany Timms said...

Isn't it amazing?! I'm so glad we went to see it, it's made me feel so festive xx

Tiffany Timms said...

Haha of course, I love him so much it's unreal xx

Tiffany Timms said...

It smells gorgeous, so glad I picked it up xx

Anonymous said...

I'm gutted I can't go to Manchester this year me and my partner don't get a day off together for it, or we've already got plans. I went to Leeds a few years ago I was so disappointed Leeds is such a lovely city and that let it down.

I can't wait to see Last Christmas.

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