Monday 2 December 2019

My 2019 Pets Christmas Gift Guide/What I've Bought Bear For His First Christmas

After sharing my Women's christmas gift guide, Men's gift guide and a Food & Drink guide last week, today I'm sharing something a little different. A pet's Christmas gift guide! Well I say pets but it's all for Bear, though all of the shops I'm about to mention obviously had loads to choose from for all our furry friends. This kind of doubles up as a what I've bought Bear for Christmas too, and whilst it's not something I necessarily planned to do or something everyone will be bothered about, this is my first Christmas as a dog mum so why not? I've no idea if what I'm about to share is too much in some people's opinion or not enough in other's eyes but I wanted to get a variety for him and if I can't go over the top at this time of year, when can I?
Webbox reindeer toy, pedigree treats, light up ball, rope reindeer, candy cane toy

Webbox Reindeer Toy £5*

First up we have Bear's first bit of blogger mail! Webbox kindly sent over one of their Christmas items and I knew this reindeer would be perfect for him. It's a really decent size so can occupy dogs for ages and it has a lovely pair of ears and antlers for them to nibble on (Bear has already taken off both ears and 1 antler, it's like some weird initiation all the cuddly toys have to go through when they're new!) This is available in either plain or corduroy and both are gorgeous. £5 aswell is a reasonable price given how big it is and the quality of it. It feels really sturdy like it's going to last a while, regardless of how much it gets dragged about!
Webbox reindeer toy
Webbox reindeer toy close up

M&S Light Up Ball £6

I can't wait for him to play with this! I've been wanting to get some sort of light up toy for Bear for a while as it's exactly the sort of thing that will be ideal when he's in that mood to chase something round and really get his energy out. Every time this hits the floor it lights up different colours for a few seconds so I can just imagine him being absolutely shook when he discovers this!
M&S light up ball

Various Treats £1 - £3

We've got quite the selection of tasty treats this year for Bear but he gets through them so we like to keep the cupboard stocked up! We've picked up more of his favourite Pedigree Tasty Bites, some turkey flavour Jumbone mini's, Baker's bacon & cheese whirlers, bacon flavour rawhide bones and we've also got him a Baker's stocking which was £3 from B&M and that has another selection of different treats in it. Bear gets bored with the same things over and over so we tend to try and have a few different things in to switch it up so I think we've got that covered with all of these! We picked all of these up from B&M and Home Bargains.
Pedigree mini jumbones, pedigree tasty bites, bacon rawhide bones, bakers bacon and cheese whirlers

Selection Of Toys £1 - £3

Also from B&M and Home Bargains, we've picked him up a few other toys to play with over the festive period. We probably won't give them to him all at once as he's already got loads and it's more exciting for him if he just has one or two new ones at a time. I've already mentioned the light up toy which was £6 so the most expensive thing but some of the cheaper toys we got are a chew rubber ring, a soft candy cane toy which I think squeaks aswell (joy) and finally a rope reindeer toy. It also has a crackly material inside so it's something that I think he'll really enjoy playing with.
Candy cane dog toy, reindeer rope toy, chew rubber ring, light up ball

Scooby Snacks Advent Calendar £2

Finally, we have a doggy advent calendar! I knew I was going to get him one of these as soon as I spotted them in B&M. It was £2 and you get 24 carob dog treats so now he can have a little treat each morning when we open our advent calendars too. The treat breaks up into 4 which is great as it is quite big and it also means we can spread it out over the day if we want to.
Scooby Snacks Advent Calendar
So that's pretty much everything we've picked up for Bear for Christmas. I did order something in the Matalan sale last week for him so that's another cuddly toy for him to chew to death but they're his favourite so I can't resist. He's already a lucky boy with the amount of toys and treats he has but I was always going to be that dog mum that buys far more than he needs at Christmas. I'm fully aware he will have no clue what's going on and will just want either our presents or the wrapping paper but I don't care, I just can't wait.

Do you buy Christmas presents for your pets?

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Sophie said...

This is so cute! I always get Hugo presents, and he gets a little something from my grandparents too. He's got a little stocking and a new reindeer outfit so far. I love this idea for a post too, the more dog content, the better really...x


Lady Writes said...

My mum treats her dog to so many bits like this! x

jennyinneverland said...

Awh cute gift guide! We got my dog an advent calendar this year. I bought him one of these treat puzzle things where he has to get the treat out himself - we'll soon see if he's any good at it! x


Daisy said...

Awww!! Bear is so lucky!! Jewel never really cared about the toys we got for her and just inhaled the treats! She did love a little catnip mouse we got her that we called Mousie! She adored that thing for years until the catnip pouch came out! xD

Daisy xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived

Heather Nixon said...

I wish I had a pet! Such a cute gift guide x

Tiffany Timms said...

Aww that sounds lovely! I'm so glad you like all the Bear content haha xx

Tiffany Timms said...

Aww they're part of the family aren't they xx

Tiffany Timms said...

Ahh that would be ideal for Bear! I couldn't help but splash out a bit on him this year xx

Tiffany Timms said...

Aww! We've definitely spoilt him this Christmas and he'll have no idea what's going on but just couldn't help myself haha xx

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