Tuesday 26 November 2019

My 2019 Men's Christmas Gift Guide*

We all know men can be notoriously hard to buy for when it comes to Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, you name it, I always struggle! Each year I spend ages wracking my brain trying to come up with ideas I haven't done over and over in the past and I always find gift guides incredibly useful when I'm feeling like that. This year I've found some really brilliant gifts for the men in our lives so I hope if you struggle like me, that this might give you a bit of inspiration. Let me know if you have any other ideas too!
flatlay - bespoke london aftershave, morse toad chocolate, book, fred perry wallet

The Inside Inn Beer Set £18.50*

For those beer lovers in your life, bring the pub to your home with the Inside Inn Beer Set from Best Of British Beer. Open up the pub to find 4 bottles of Freedom beer including Freedom Pale, Freedom Four Craft Lager, Freedom Pilsner Lager and Freedom Organic Helles. Not only do you get this selection of refreshing drinks, you also get tasting notes and a pub quiz so great for a night in with friends! All Freedom beers are suitable for vegans too and I think the price of £18.50 for four full sized beers in the incredibly cool gift box it arrives in is reasonable. A great idea for anyone you know who loves trying different beers! There are lots of other products available too though including a Beer Advent Box, a 3 Beer Gift Set and a British Beer Crate.
The inside inn gift set
Freedom beers from the inside inn gift set

Bespoke London Eau Fraiche & Eau De Parfum - £6.99 - £9.99*

Next up, you can't beat a fragrance for the man in your life when it comes to Christmas time. Usually I find the issue is the price, you can end up paying almost £50 for a small bottle and sometimes it's just not worth the money, but there's no need to worry about that with Bespoke London. They prove that smelling luxe doesn't need to cost the earth with their range which captures the essence of masculinity and embodies every type of man. There are several scents to choose from including Wild Herbs & Tonka Beans, Sweet Spice & Sandalwood, and Oriental Woods and Amber, but the one I personally love is the Fresh Citrus and Vetiver. It's packed with crisp notes of mandarin, fresh ginger, apple and black pepper so is incredibly zesty but still has that deep musky scent we all like in a man's aftershave. All scents are available in the form of a Body Spray, Eau Fraiche and Eau De Parfum and are incredibly affordable with prices starting at £2.99.
bespoke london aftershave held up over flatlay
bespoke london aftershave closeup

Fred Perry Wallet £35*

For the designer lovers in your life, you can't miss out on items like this classic Fred Perry Wallet from Mainline Menswear! The classic billfold wallet in black is textured faux leather with a contrasting stitched trim and of course the signature Fred Perry Laurel Wreath logo in gold. What I love about this is how high end it looks and feels yet at £35 it's considerably cheaper than a few others I've seen online in the past. Fred Perry is definitely one of the more expensive brands to turn at this time of year but if you want to splash out or really treat someone, this could be the perfect gift. The inside of the wallet has multiple compartments aswell as one large compartment for notes and card slots too so don't worry, it is practical too. If you're in the market for something different Mainline Menswear also sell branded t-shirts, jumpers, trainers and accessories so well worth checking out!
Fred Perry wallet held up over flatlay

Personalised Guitar Wall Stand £49.95

Now for the music lovers, Not On The High Street have some really cool personalised items that I think anyone would be thrilled to receive. My personal fave which I honestly think we'll end up with in our next home is the Personalised Solid Oak Guitar Wall Stand. Available as a single or a double for two guitars, this is ideal if you want to try and save space where you can, guitars take up a lot of room! You can add a personalised message and there's a plectrum holder too, and whilst it's not cheap, I think it's such a unique gift idea.
personalised guitar stand

Beard Buddy Shaving Apron £8.99

I've seen shaving aprons like this around a few places and each year I've wondered if it would be worth getting for George, but this year I am seriously tempted! Anyone else find their other half gets their hair all over the sink when they shave and they just somehow don't notice? It drives me mad! This is where the shaving aprons come in handy as it can attach to the mirror and hook around the neck meaning it will catch every hair that falls, genius! Yeah it's a bit of a novelty gift but an essential for some!
shaving apron

Sudokube £5.99

Sticking with the novelty gifts, I love this Sudokube I've found from Prezzybox. It's £5.99 which I think is really affordable and it's one of those things you could spend literally hours on! Obviously it's in the style of a classic rubik's cube but with the numbers 1-9 on each side instead so if you know anyone who loves a brain teaser, this is a great one to get stuck into!

Whisky Glass Gift Set £12

Next always do great presents for men and this year I'm liking the look of their Whisky Glass Gift Set which is reasonably priced at £12. For anyone you know who loves a tipple, this is sure to put a smile on their face. You get a stunning whisky glass with four whisky stones which are great for keeping your drink cool without watering it down! Such a great idea but they also have a few other similar sets if maybe whisky isn't your thing.
Next whisky glass gift set

Personalised Bedside Watch & Phone Stand £39.95

Back to Not On The High Street for my final choice of this gift guide, and this time it's the Personalised Watch & Phone Stand. This is incredibly handy if you (or your partners) bedside tables are always cluttered. Sometimes there just isn't space for anything! This is a neat solution for any accessories you have and of course a great way to display your phone overnight. Not cheap at almost £40 though so maybe consider if you're wanting to get one or two luxury items instead.
phone and watch stand
So that's a wrap for my second gift guide of 2019 and I really hope it's been useful if you struggle to buy for the men in your life at times like this. Remember to come back tomorrow for my food & drink gift guide where I'll be sharing lots of yummy gift ideas!

*Products marked * are PR samples

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Lady Writes said...

I am so going to get my husband that beer set - he would LOVE that!

jennyinneverland said...

Some fab gift ideas. If we had room, I'd have bought my boyfriend the guitar stand as he loves his guitar! x


Sophie said...

Some great options here. I wish I knew why men were so much harder to buy for than women but without a doubt every single year, it's always the men that I struggle with. I love the look of the bedside holder! x


Daisy said...

Ooof! My dad was always a nightmare to buy for! He would never tell us what he wanted and sometimes didn't even want a gift. We always ended up buying him socks or Brut aftershave! I probably would have gotten him the shaving apron because he was always shaving his beard and head! xD

Daisy xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived

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