Friday 1 November 2019

FooDoo Snacks Review*

I've said many times before on my blog that I am a snack addict. Whether it's savoury or sweet, each afternoon you can guarantee I'll be in need of something to fill me up until tea which isn't usually until early evening so I always like to have a variety available to hand. Whilst sometimes you just can't beat a classic bag of crisps, if you can reach for something a little healthier, fab. Unfortunately the selection supermarkets have to offer isn't always huge so that's where companies like FooDoo Snacks come in.
FooDoo Snacks box
FooDoo Snacks are a relatively new company hoping to inspire workplaces to choose healthier options. No more spending at the vending machine each day when you can choose from an array of yummy treats in one of their snacking boxes. You all know how much I love a subscription box, I've reviewed many on my blog before but any with food included are a winner. Yes, these boxes are perfect no matter the size of your team, or where you work, so let me tell you more about the different options.

First of all, we have the mini box which is priced at £15, and this is the one I was kindly sent recently. This is ideal if you either work from home or if you're part of a smaller team as it contains 12 healthy snacks of at least 6 different varieties. As you can see from the photos, there was a huge range in the box! Just some of the products included were - Eat Real Quinoa Chips, Deliciously Ella Coconut and Oat Energy Ball, Whitworths Shots, Snacking Essentials Fruit & Nut Mix, and there were even products from brands like Graze, so a real selection to choose from. Everything was packaged perfectly and ready to grab as and when needed. I love that there was a real mix of sweet and savoury as some days I'm all about the carbs and and other days I need that sweet hit, this meant there was something for every mood. 
FooDoo Snacks contents
Next up there is the small box which is £35 and this is recommended for teams of around 15 as it contains 30 snacks. There are gluten-free snacks available and options for vegans and snacks have also been chosen based on their low sugar, high fibre and high protein. The next option is the standard box which is £50 so great if your team is around 25 people or more, and finally there is the large box which is £90. The most expensive option but ideal if you have a large team and want to cater for everybody. This has 90 snacks and you can expect to find things like fruit bars, lentil chips, seeds and more. With each box you can also choose whether to get it delivered weekly or twice a month and you can cancel at any time fuss-free. You also have the ability to tailor your box meaning if you have any specific requests, they can create something bespoke for your workplace.
collage - deliciously ella energy ball, eat real quinoa chips, whitworths shots, nibnibs mini breadsticks
Overall, I think FooDoo Snacks are onto something brilliant here and I think this is something many workplaces would find effective. Sometimes you hit that 3pm slump and just need a pick me up so something like this is ideal for employers to provide. It's been spoken about many times about how eating unhealthily can make you feel more tired and sluggish which will of course affect your work but having an array of healthy treats available, will hopefully help combat that. I was really happy with the range of delicious snacks in the mini box and I do truly think there would be something for everyone so if you're a manager yourself and want to treat your team, or maybe you work alone and want to treat yourself, FooDoo Snacks are definitely worth considering. You can find out more on their website and see more examples of some of the snacks provided.

Do you think something like this would work well in your job?

*I was provided with a mini box to review but all views are my own

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Heather Nixon said...

So many yummy snacks x

jennyinneverland said...

I definitely need to find some healthier snack alternatives to what I'm currently eating! x


Sophie said...

They look great, I love that there's a variety of sweeter and more savoury options as well. I snack quite a bit so boxes like this would be perfect x


Lady Writes said...

I really need to make an effort to snack better and this looks great x

Daisy said...

I'm exactly like you!! I snack so much in between meals and always on the look out for snacks to munch on. I love all the snacks that were mentioned here and love a mixture of sweet and savoury!

Daisy xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived

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