Wednesday 6 November 2019

A Christmas Homeware Haul

I'm not quite sure I've ever shared a homeware haul on my blog before or if I have, it was years ago so as I've been picking up some christmassy decor bits over the last few weeks, I thought now was the right time to finally put one together. I know I've said before but there's just something about this time of year that makes me want to shop and add all sorts of bits into the home, but I don't actually usually do it. As all the Christmas decorations are out now though and I've been working hard over the last few months, I decided to treat myself to some new bits for the festive season. I have no idea how having a Christmas tree up is going to go this year with it being Bear's first Christmas and there's definitely a few of our traditional decorations which are a definite no as they will 100% get chewed so I've been looking for more pieces that I can add around the rooms which will still give that festive feel even if we can't go all out like usual. 
flatlay - orange background, light up xmas tree, red and white swirl ornament, acorn lights, reed diffuser, light up globe
The majority of the stuff I've bought is from Matalan who are absolutely killing it this year with their Christmas range but there's also a few bits from H&M and Home Bargains. Let's start with H&M though as that's where I picked up one of the non-christmassy items and that was a gold mirrored tray. I've been after one of these for so long and I'm so happy with how it looks on our coffee table. It was about £20 so not cheap but it's such high quality and I already know I'll be taking this with us to our next home. I also picked up a small copper bowl for £3.99 which I thought would be so cute with some quality street in at Christmas time. I'll just have to keep my eyes on Bear whenever he's near though!
harry potter on tv in background. Gold metal tray on coffee table with light up tree, woodfire apple candle, light up globe and bowl of xmas chocolates
Next up is Matalan who whilst a lot of the time might not be the cheapest, they really do some beautiful homeware. The first thing I spotted is this LED Glass Christmas Tree which at £5 I think is a bit of a bargain. Sometimes with light up bits they can be quite garish and tacky but I actually think this is really classy. As you can see from the photo above I'm going to put this on the tray with a big candle. I also picked up a little light up globe which was £3. I thought this might be nice on the tray aswell, maybe instead of the bowl of sweets in the evening. They had a few different designs but of course I had to get the one with bears.
flatlay - closeup of light up tree, reed diffuser and light up globe
Sticking with lights because you can't have enough twinkly lights around Christmas, next are these gorgeous Glitter Acorns. They were £6 and are battery operated which is always useful and I'm thinking of scattering them on the tv stand as there isn't much light over there in the evening. They're something I think can come out each Autumn but last throughout the whole festive season so they'll be getting plenty of use. An ornament I couldn't leave behind and I already can't wait to get out is this Swirl Christmas Tree, also £6. It goes with our theme quite well of reds and golds and it's nothing like we already have. I think this will be lovely on top of one of the bookshelves and again, it's something we can bring out each year. Finally from Matalan, I couldn't resist their festive reed diffusers. I always have a few of these on the go throughout the flat but christmassy scents are always my fave and anything apple scented especially is a winner. I've already picked up some of the frosted apple pot pourri for the dining table so I've got the reed diffuser to match now. This was £4 but they also have a bigger one for £6 and a few different scents and colours to choose from.
pink fluffy pillow stood up to left side, acorn lights in front, holly to accessorise to the left. Red and white swirl ornament in background to right
Now, let's get onto Home Bargains who are so affordable! You could deck out your whole house with their decorations and it would cost a fraction of the price compared to many other retailers. The main thing I've been picking up though is their candles. Of course, because I'm addicted to candles, I just can't help myself. I originally only picked up a pack of their Vanilla Sugar Cookies tealights for about 79p but then I ended up going back for more pretty quickly, and couldn't resist the bigger version of that scent for £2.99. £2.99 for a candle that size is insane! It would be over £20 for one like that from Yankee Candle so get yourself down to Home Bargains, they had multiple scents to choose from too. Sticking with candles, I also picked up two red tealight holders which were about 99p each. I think these will look lovely on the TV stand with the acorn lights from Matalan.
vanilla sugar cookies candle held up over flatlay
two red candle holders on pink background with pink candy canes
I'm so pleased with everything I've picked up recently and now I just can't wait to decorate! I've already started sneaking a few bits into the living room, and yes I know it's early but some people already have their full trees up so I'm tame in comparison! It's just my favourite time of year and I really want to make the most of it. I hope if you're in need of some new xmas decorations or if you just feel like treating yourself, this has given you some inspiration. I can't get over how stunning the decorations are in most shops this year.

When do you like to start decorating for Christmas?

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jennyinneverland said...

That candle is an absolute bargain! I bought my Mum a Yankee Candle for Christmas which is only a little bigger than that one and it was like £24! But yay for the Christmas home decor! I'm SO READY to start decorating! x


Lady Writes said...

This is my favourite kind of haul to see at this time of year! x

Heather Nixon said...

Everything you got looks so nice x

Daisy said...

I'm getting the start of my little haul tomorrow and I'm so excited!! I'm really trying to kickstart my festive side after 2 years so thanks for the ideas of where to go! xx

Daisy xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived

Sophie said...

So many cute bits here, great prices too! I can't believe that candle was only £2.99. I need to get myself down there and have a sniff 😂 x


Tiffany Timms said...

I can't believe the difference in price! I love Yankee Candle but the bigger ones are so expensive so £2.99 for this is an absolute steal xx

Tiffany Timms said...

Ahh me too! x

Tiffany Timms said...

Thank you Heather :) x

Tiffany Timms said...

No problem Daisy :)

Tiffany Timms said...

Haha it's such a strong scent for such a low price too. Definitely can't argue with £2.99 for it! x

Nic said...

Nice selection there :)

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