Thursday 19 December 2019

The Perfect Tipple For Christmas - Lindisfarne Mead*

At Christmas time I like to have an array of drinks in, from Bucks Fizz for Christmas morning to fresh juices for breakfast, a bottle or two of prosecco & many other things and for me it's important to have a mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Neither George nor I are huge drinkers and whilst I'd say we indulge a bit more over the festive period (doesn't everyone?) I imagine it's still pretty tame compared to most. I've been adding to our stash over the last few weeks though and the most recent addition is Lindisfarne Mead.
bottle held up in front of Christmas tree
I hadn't actually heard of Lindisfarne Mead before but they're actually a fascinating brand which first started to trade as early as the 1960's. The company has made its renowned Lindisfarne Mead at St Aidan's Winery, just off the coast of Northern England since the beginning and it's even become popular with members of Her Majesty's Government over the years with many making the journey to visit the winery to try it for themselves. It's even been featured on shows like Countryfile aswell as a range of other Lindisfarne Mead products.

I think the first thing I have to mention about this particular drink is the beautiful bottle. This would stand out to me in any store, I just love how unique it is and the packaging is clearly inspired by it's history. The history of mead goes back so far that it was even the tipple of choice for King Arthur! So what actually is Lindisfarne Mead? Well it's a vatted blend of honey, locally drawn water, fermented grape juice and neutral spirits. A deliciously fruity wine that can be enjoyed any time, but especially perfect for the festive period.
champagne glass held up in front of christmas tree
If you like your wine sweet then this is going to be ideal for you! Instantly you're hit with a multitude of flavours and there is a real zing to the wine. It wasn't like any other wine I've ever had before. Straight away I picked up on the grape which is always such a refreshing ingredient but it was then followed by the soft honey which lingers afterwards. They compliment each other incredibly well and whilst that does mean this is a much sweeter wine than most I've tried in the past and maybe not something for everyone, I can see why it's become such a popular choice, having sold over 2,000,000 bottles.

I personally couldn't drink glass after glass of this, though really I can't with most wines, but I do think this is such a great choice to have in over Christmas. I could easily see it being brought out on Christmas Eve or maybe after Christmas Dinner on the big day to enjoy with dessert. Aswell as the original Lindisfarne Mead, the winery and craft shop on the Island of Lindisfarne also has many other products to choose from including a broad selection of wines, liqueurs, preservatives, bespoke confectionery and local artifacts. You can also find their Spiced, Dark and Pink flavours of The Mead so if you or anyone you know loves their wine, it's a brilliant brand to consider. You can even add the wine into cocktails which could be something fun to try over the festive period!
closeup of label on bottle
A big thanks to Lindisfarne Mead for sending over a bottle for me to try! If you want anymore information or want to buy a bottle for yourself, you can find out more on their website where a 70cl bottle is priced at £10.49.

What's usually your choice of drink at Christmas time?

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Sophie said...

This sounds delicious. And I 100% thought this was going to be a cocktail liqueur when I first started reading so I was quite relieved when I got the end and saw you'd suggested it like that too. We usually have a little bit of everything on Christmas Day, I think this one would be lovely x


jennyinneverland said...

I don't drink but I'm sure my Mum would love to try this! x


Lady Writes said...

My husband would absolutely love this! x

Heather Nixon said...

I don't really drink that much but I'd like to try this x

Daisy said...

Even though I don't drink, this sounds gorgeous and very historical! Haha!!

Nic said...

I think my parents still have a bottle from 10 years ago still to drink, I'm fine on wine or proessco

Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

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