Friday, 31 March 2017

March Favourites - The Replacement, New Header & Old Films

I feel like March dragged so much! It seems like ages since I last did a favourites even though it really wasn't. Throughout March I rediscovered an old book, finally started to get through my huge collection of wax melts, watched an incredible TV show aswell as a few films and of course there are a few extras.
New Header - The first thing I wanted to include in my favourites is my new header! I've been wanting one for a while but had no idea where to start on making my own or who to go. I ended up talking to Emmy from Emmys Beauty Cave and asking her to design one for me. I looked at some of her other work and came up with my own including my blog title, a watercolour background and a few images of all my favourite things. Within a few days she had made 4 designs for me to choose and I went for the one below - I love it so much! I can't stop looking at it. Everything about it is perfect. For the blog header in 3 sizes, a facebook cover and a twitter cover I paid £19 and it was so worth it. I really recommend checking out Emmys blog and getting in contact with her if you're looking for a new header.
Calm by Michael Acton Smith - I bought this book ages ago, so long ago that I actually can't even remember when but I found it recently and decided to start reading it again this month. My anxiety has been sky high throughout March and some days have been awful but I've found this book really relaxes me and helps me see things in a clearer way. This book is based on the app which I used to have, which allowed you to listen to calming sounds helping you relax and meditate. The book is split into 8 sections - Nature, Work, Creativity, Children, Travel, Relationships, Food and Sleep. Each section has research and information aswell as activities for you to do. I read the Sleep section a few weeks ago and I don't know if it's a coincidence or not but since then I've genuinely had less problems falling asleep at night and my sleep pattern seems to be going back to normal!
Imperial Leather Tahitian Spa Shower Gel - I love Imperial Leather shower gels because I find so many of them remind me of holidays abroad. I'm always smelling them in the shop but I very rarely buy them, not because I don't shower, but because I have a cabinet just full of shower gels that still need using from last year, and from Christmas! As soon as I saw this one though I knew I had to get it. It smells of coconuts and it just instantly took me back to the last time I was abroad. My skin feels so soft after using it and I'll definitely be getting another bottle in the future. I think it was £1 from B&M which I actually think is one of the best shops ever, not even kidding.
Sunlight On Snow Wax Melts - I mentioned these in my spring candle haul and they are the first out of all of them that I've used so far. I picked these up reduced for £2 from Asda, I'm pretty sure they were just part of the Christmas range but you would never know as the scent is perfect for all year round. THEY SMELL AMAZING! There are 8 wax cube melts in each pack, you only need one and the scent lasts for hours. This pack is going to last me ages and as all the wax melts are at most £3 they're not expensive to replace either. Asda have so many other scents to choose from and they've just added loads of new ones so I'm definitely going to get more soon!
Trolls - I've mentioned this film a few times on my blog before but now I have the DVD, I can watch it whenever I want, and it had to go in my favourites! I know it's probably more aimed towards kids but seriously, this has become one of my favourite ever films. It makes me laugh, it makes me cry, it's has a really good story, I just love it. George got me this for valentines and honestly it's all I wanted, I know that might sound a bit sad. As if I couldn't love Trolls anymore, they announced a few weeks ago they're doing a second film which will be released in 2020. It is ages to wait but I AM SO EXCITED! If you haven't seen this film, you need to watch it!
Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging - I feel like this is the film that got me through my teenage years. I loved it so much when I was like 14 and I love it just as much now. I watched it a few weeks ago and I felt so happy. It's like all these feelings came back and it just made me feel all warm and fuzzy. It's the cutest film, it's so funny and I really think it's a film I'll always keep. It's a brilliant one to watch when you just need cheering up.
Fifty Shades Darker Soundtrack - I loved the first Fifty Shades soundtrack so I was really hoping the second one would live up to it - and it did! I love the majority of the songs included in the film and I have been listening to this on repeat on Spotify. I think my favourite is Lies In The Dark by Tove Lo but I love so many of them.
The Replacement - This was on the BBC throughout March, only 3 episodes and I think every single one left me feeling like I couldn't breathe by the end of it. It was about a woman expecting her first child, who goes on Maternity leave and has suspicions about her replacement. She thinks she's trying to steal her job and it also looks like she wants her whole life. Each episode was about Ellen (the main character) trying to get people to see Paula (the replacement) for what she was and how she had to try and convince them what was going on. Each episode was so tense and I honestly had no idea how it would end. I know quite a lot of people were disappointed in the ending and I can sort of see why but overall I think it was such a good series and one I really recommend if you haven't seen it yet.
What have you been loving throughout March?

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Angus, thongs and perfect snogging is my absolute favourite film!
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