Thursday, 2 March 2017

Why I Would Love To Visit New York

New York has been at the top of my travel bucketlist for years and I mentioned in my 5 Places I Want To Visit post that it's somewhere I just have to go one day.
I also mentioned in that post that we were actually quite close to booking it last year, but obviously because I left my job, that plan soon went out the window. I would still love to visit though and I'm remaining hopeful that one day we will get there. I wanted to do a post about the reasons I want to go as there are so many, they are all the basic tourist things but it doesn't matter, that's what I want to do! I would love to know if any of you have been before and what you got up to.

Times Square

 Of course I want to see Times Square. It just looks amazing and so different to anything I've ever seen before. I think the only thing we have in the UK that comes close is Piccadilly in London but even that is nothing like New York. There just looks like there is so much to do, so many shops, so many cool restaurants. It looks incredible for pictures and I imagine around Christmas and New Year it's even better. I would love to be there in winter and see it covered in snow.

Central Park

 It just looks beautiful all year round! I think it would be lovely to walk around it (or as much as possible) in the summer, take some cute pictures and just chill in the one of the best places in the world with ice cream. But I also think it would be incredible to see in Winter. I would love to see the Alice In Wonderland statue and Strawberry Fields which is a memorial to John Lennon.

911 Memorial 

I mentioned in my 5 places I want to visit post, that I would love to dedicate a full day to the 9/11 memorial. I'm pretty sure they do full day tours, or it's at least recommended you spend a decent chunk of time there if you're going to do it. As sad as it would be I feel like I need to see the memorial and spend some time taking it all in, aswell as visiting the museum. It was such a big thing that happened and knowing that there is something there so you can pay your respects, I feel like it should be done.

Rockefeller Centre 

I've wanted to see the Rockefeller Centre at Christmas for years, all because of Elf! The huge Christmas tree looks insane and I imagine it's so exciting to actually see it for real and to be there for such a special time of the year. I would also love to go Ice Skating while we're there too.

Gossip Girl 

 This is one of my favourite ever tv shows and while in New York I would have to go to some of the famous places it was filmed. There is obviously Grand Central Terminal which is a place I'd want to visit anyway, New York Palace Hotel where Serena lived, the MET steps where they'd sit for lunch, and the last place, angel tunnel in Central Park where Chuck and Blair got married.

New York looks like the most beautiful place and I really hope I get to visit one day. There are so many things to see and do there and I know it would just be the best holiday.

Have you been to New York? or if you haven't what would you like to do there?

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