Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Christmas 2017

I've done a blog post about our Christmas each year since I started my blog, so it's only right I do the same this year too, especially as it was such a special one for us. As you might know by now, me and George actually got married a few days before Christmas so it was a really exciting time for us and only made the day even more special. It was just the two of us as it has been for a long time now but that's exactly how we like it and as always we ended up having such a lovely day. 
We started Christmas with a cinema trip on Christmas Eve which has become a little tradition of ours now and it's one I hope we keep up every year. This year we went to see Pitch Perfect 3 which I'd been really looking forward too, but unfortunately I wasn't too impressed, it just wasn't the same as the others I think but regardless we still had a nice time. When we got home we opened our Christmas cards and this was so exciting because we got our first husband and wife cards. I absolutely love mine, it's adorable and I know it'll be one I keep forever. After a pretty restless nights sleep, because we're basically still kids who are too excited about opening presents, we started off Christmas Day with Bucks Fizz and White Christmas. I was never too fussed about this film before but each year it grows on me more and more and it probably wouldn't be the same Christmas for us without it now! We then got onto opening our presents, so if you don't like what I got for Christmas posts, you can stop reading now! It's not bragging in any way, I'm so grateful for everything I got and just want to show it!
As always we set ourselves a budget as otherwise we would just go overboard on presents and I'm so happy with what I unwrapped. George knows me so well. He got me a DVD which I'd been wanting for such a long time because it's so funny, Daddy's Home and he also got Kingsman too which is one I felt we needed to add to our collection this year, it's brilliant. Darker (Christian's perspective) was something I had been hoping for so I was really happy to see this, I just love the Fifty Shades books and it's nice to read them all over again from a different persons point of view. A few pamper bits he got me was the Lush Snow Fairy Sparkle Jar which is a massage bar, it smells gorgeous! I wasn't expecting anything from Lush and it's nice to try something different from there because I tend to just buy their bath bombs. And he also got me the Imperial Leather Foamburst in the scent Lime and Grapefruit. I always look at these in Superdrug but never buy them so I can't wait to use this, what a refreshing scent too. A few other bits he got me were a Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut Candle which I've been after for a while, a little Trolls keyring (YES!) a jam set (I've been eyeing these up for so long!) my favourite Peach Fanta, Toblerone Fruit and Nut, a huge bar of Cadbury and a stocking full of little chocolates and american sweets. He totally spoilt me and I love every single thing. We don't go all out and get each other fancy things, just DVDs, books, food, that sort of thing and it couldn't be any better.
I pretty much got straight on with Christmas Dinner after opening our presents and I think it ended up being the best yet! Roast chicken, beef dripping yorkshire puddings, honey glazed parsnips and carrots, stuffing, chipolatas wrapped in bacon and of course roast potatoes, it was incredible. This year I followed a Jamie Oliver recipe for the perfect roast potatoes and they really were the best ever, I don't think I'll ever do them any other way now. Dessert was Raspberry Roulade which is one of my absolute favourites and then we ended up just watching films and napping, because is it really Christmas Day without a nap?
We finished the day with leftover sandwiches, a glass of wine and all the Christmas soaps on TV. The Christmas specials of Eastenders and Coronation Street make my day each year 😂 It was just the best, every year it seems to get better and better and it was exactly what we needed after a rough few months. I'm already so sad it's over though, so much build up for it all and then it goes by so quickly! I'm already looking forward to the next one.

Did you have a good Christmas? Did you get anything special?

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