Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Iluma Intense Brightening Exfoliating Powder Review*

Skincare is something I've really, really got into over the last few months. I now have some sort of actual routine with it and over time I've added in a few different products that have all done wonders for my skin. The latest being the Iluma Intense Brightening Exfoliating Powder from Image Skincare.
I actually meant to blog about this around Halloween as it contains pumpkin enzymes and it just made sense to talk about it then, but as couriers just don't like my flat it didn't arrive in time. No fault of anyone though really, sometimes things like just can't be helped but as it's a product that can be used all year round, it's definitely still worth telling you all about!

Image Skincare are a clinical skincare brand all about making sure you have the healthiest skin possible from their safe, proven ingredients and smart botanicals. Their Iluma Exfoliating Powder really intrigued me as it's nothing like I've ever used before! First of all I love the packaging. The packaging of a product is really important for me, if it doesn't look attractive I'm very unlikely to buy it but this is really striking and stands out because of the purple detail. It's very easy to hold and use and doesn't require much effort at all as part of your skincare routine. The way to use this is to shake a small amount into wet hands and activate it by rubbing them together, this forms a light foam and can then be gently massaged into skin. I tend to use this in the morning as it really wakes me up and leaves me feeling refreshed and then sometimes I'll use in the evening too along with my DHC Cleansing Oil and Indeed Labs products.
I love an exfoliater and always enjoy using them but as I'd never used anything like this before, I really had no idea how it would feel and what effects it would have on my skin, if any. The main thing this is supposed to do is remove any debris and oil from pores but also provide hydration and age-defying benefits to your skin. When first using this, I noticed immediately how much clearer my skin looked. I know it's not possible for spots and pores to go away after just one use but my skin really did look so much better, like there was a brand new layer if that makes sense. Not only did it look much brighter and healthier, it also felt it. My skin was genuinely so soft to touch and I really did feel that it had hydrated it and got rid of any bacteria. Everytime I use this, I straight away feel so much better about my skin, it just looks fresh and I can tell the product has actually done something! One thing I did like about this was the smell, which is unusual for a skincare product. It really does smell like cake! As it has pumpkin enzymes in it, it really does have that scent and even though I'm not usually the biggest fan of anything pumpkin scented, this is really nice. It is just like baked goods and who doesn't love that?!
Overall, I'm so impressed with this and it's been a welcome addition to my little skincare cabinet! This is definitely different to your usual exfoliaters but so worth trying it. It's a different way of adding exfoliation to your skincare routine that makes your skin look much brighter and healthier, and it also smells pretty amazing! What's not to love?

Have you tried anything from Image Skincare before?

*Product sent for the purpose of this post. I only work with brands relevant to me and my blog

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