Friday, 1 December 2017

November Favourites - Benefit, Galaxy & IKEA

This month I've decided to do what I did in September and post a normal monthly favourites and also one that's just all about tv and films. I had so much I wanted to feature this month but just couldn't possibly put it all in one post so I hope you enjoy reading them both, the second will be up on Monday!
Bloomtown Roll On Infused Oils - I have been loving Bloomtown Botanicals over the last few weeks. I mentioned their Christmas baubles in my womens gift guide, and inside the one I had was a Infused Oil in the scent Rose Garden. A few days before I got that I'd actually ordered one of these anyway as they did an offer where you got it for free and just paid postage, which I couldn't turn down really. The one I picked was The Grove, and luckily they're both very different scents. The Rose Garden one is a musk rose and white florals scent and The Grove is a blood orange and pink grapefruit scent. I love them both equally and as they are roll on they are so handy and are great to just be popped in your bag.
Rituals Shower Gel - A good few weeks ago now Rituals had a good deal on like the one I mentioned above, where you could get their Yogi Flow Shower Gel for free and just pay postage, which is amazing as this alone is usually £8.50 but I got it for about £2.99. Can you tell I like a bargain? I'd been wanting to try something from Rituals for so long so I had to get it. What I love about this is that it comes out as a gel but then when you rub it in it becomes a foam. A little bit goes a long way and it's a really decent sized bottle so I think it will last me quite a while. It has a gorgeous scent of Indian Rose and Sweet Almond Oil so it leaves me feeling fresh for hours and it's also really moisturising.
IKEA Peach Range - Ahhh peach scents are my favourite. I just love the sweet smell of peach candles so I got very lucky when I was last in IKEA. I actually thought I'd mentioned all of this stuff in a previous post but I can't find it anywhere so I must not have. Anyway, when I last went I went a bit peach mad as everything was so cheap, I couldn't help myself. I got a big candle which was £1.75, tealights which were £1.35 and also some pot pourri to replace the one we already had which was £1. IKEA is just the best. They had so many other scents to choose from too so if you're in need of some new candles, definitely keep them in mind.
Birchbox Brush Cleaner - I received my November Birchbox a few weeks ago now and so far I'm loving every single thing that was included. One thing I was really happy to see in the box was this Brush Cleaner, and it's just made life a little bit easier. I love cleaning my brushes anyway I just don't do it enough but now I have this, it's much quicker to do. All I have to do with this is add a little bit of soap, swirl the wet brush over it and rinse, and then leave to dry. It's really easy to hold aswell and I'm just so glad I finally have one of these!
Festive Galaxy Cake Bars - Cake bars are one of my favourite things anyway but festive edition?! even better. I've enjoyed the normal Galaxy Caramel ones for ages anyway but this year they've brought out a salted caramel version. There's not a huge difference but I really liked them anyway and I'll definitely be getting more while they're available. The cake, the chocolate and the caramel are just the best together. I think these were about £1 from Asda so definitely try and get some this year!
November has been one of my favourite months for a few years now and this one has been so nice. It started out a little stressful but now I'm feeling better than ever and I'm so ready for Christmas now!

Are you prepared for Christmas yet?

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