Wednesday, 6 December 2017

My Christmas Nail Polish Picks

Over the last few years I've done quite a few Christmas nails posts and as I just love doing my nails so much and changing things up, I had to do one this year too. First of all, I don't think the pictures below do any of these justice! The lighting was brilliant when I was setting everything up and then when I started taking photos, somehow the sun had started going down and they just didn't turn out how I wanted. Anyway, I hope this post is still okay and gets you feeling festive.

I'm going to start with Essie because it's just one of the best nail brands and I've loved them for quite a while now. Probably my all time favourite Essie colour and always my go to at Christmas is Toggle To The Top. It's a deep, dark red shade with glitter and it really does look gorgeous on. I think it's basically like red tinsel and glittery baubles in a nail polish, and even though glitter ones can be difficult remove sometimes, it's so worth it for a few days over the festive period. Another Essie polish I love is a little more subtle but it's Chinchilly. I absolutely love how this looks on. It's a chic grey shade and goes with literally everything. It's one of those colours that looks smart for work but also looks great with jewellery for a night out. If you're not into the darker reds and glitter, then this is the perfect winter colour for you. Now onto Nails Inc, and I am in love with their colour Chelsea Embankment which is a gold glitter. Is there a more festive colour than this? I don't think so. It just screams Christmas to me and I can't wait to wear this on my nails on Christmas Day. What I love about this is how easy it is to apply, how fast it is to dry and for a glitter, also how easy it comes off.
Another Nails Inc polish I'm going to be wearing for the first time this Christmas is the shade Victoria. This is a deep purple/red colour and it's probably the darkest out of all of these but I love a dark nail. If you're not into black nails but do love to go for a deeper shade during winter, then this is the one for you. It's got a lovely red tint that comes through and it's so glossy. One of the last ones I had to mention, even though I've spoken about it a few times on my blog before is Rock n Roll by Rimmel. This is just a classic red, and who doesn't love that? I have a few of these Salon Pro polishes from Rimmel and they are so easy to use. The brush coats nails so well and it really doesn't take long to give yourself gorgeous festive nails. Lastly, I have Black Cherries by Rimmel. This is a 60 second super shine polish so it's another one that doesn't take long to dry, and it's just such a favourite of mine. It's a little bit of a lighter purple than the Nails Inc one but still looks so pretty and personally I think it looks lovely with a bit of silver glitter polish on the tips or on an accent nail.
I love painting my nails all year round really, I don't think I ever have bare nails, but there's just something about putting colours like this on at this time of year. So many festive colours to get you in the mood for Christmas Day!

Do you like colours like this for Christmas? What's your favourite winter nail colour?

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