Friday, 3 March 2017

Essie Nail Polishes You Have To Try!

I think nail polish is actually my favourite beauty product. I'm always looking for new ones to try and I have a soap and glory case full of them! Essie has become one of my favourite nail polish brands over the last year or so, the quality is just brilliant and they have so many gorgeous shades to choose from! I wanted to talk about my 4 favourite polishes of theirs as these ones I literally wear all the time, I'm always changing between these ones and very rarely go for anything else now. I would love to know if you've tried any of these ones too and what you think!


 I think this is just a gorgeous shade. It is a sleek, grey polish that is a great choice if you just want something subtle and not too out there, it's a really sophisticated colour and I think it always looks good on. If you're someone who puts lots of thought into making sure your nails match your outfits (I don't think I ever have) then I think is a perfect one as it goes with just about anything and doesn't really stand out. I like that about it as I have so many other colours which are quite bright and sometimes it's nice to go for something a bit lighter. The consistency of this is quite thin so it does need at least two coats and I tend to put a top coat on top of it aswell just to get it lasting for as long as possible.

Toggle To The Top

 I've lost count of the amount of times I've mentioned this specific nail polish on my blog but I just adore it! It's a bright, glittery red and even though it's probably better for winter/christmas I do love to wear it all year round. When I find a colour I like, it takes a lot for me to take it off and put another one on. I find with this one, two coats is perfect as it's quite a thick consistency and it lasts me for weeks. I had it on for ages around Christmas and it was the perfect shade for that time of year.

Eternal Optimist 

I got this in a bridal set at least a year ago, and I decided the very first time I put it on, this was going to be the nail polish I wear on my wedding day. It's a subtle pink/nude colour and it just looks really natural and elegant. It's similar to chinchilly in that it's not out there at all and is perfect for a job interview/work/uni/wedding. I will definitely be repurchasing this one later on in the year so I have a fresh bottle ready for when we do actually get married. I tend to do two coats with this one and as with most essie polishes, I get about two weeks with minimal chipping.

Status Symbol 

This is probably one of the brightest colours I own and one I go for a lot in Summer. I'm typically one of those people who does try to go for pinks in the summer and then when it comes to autumn, I'm all about the red and black nail polishes. Like eternal optimist, this also came in a set with Tart Deco but this is definitely my favourite of the two. It looks so nice on and I just think it's the perfect one for the warmer months to go with pretty dresses and sandals.

Do you like Essie nail polishes? Which one is your favourite?

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