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How To Spend A Weekend In London

I love writing about London. It's one of those places I'll never get bored of talking about so I'm sorry if you're sick of all my random London posts, I'm not yet and probably never will be. Whenever we go to London I always think that we'll never have enough time to get everything done that we want too but actually every time we've managed to fit in so many places and do so much so I wanted to do a post for you with a few things you can get up to there in just a few days. Some of them are proper tourist things and some you'll probably think, I know all of this already but these are my favourite things to do there and things I think everyone should do when they're next in London.

Walk Along The Southbank 

I just love doing this. We always stay in a hotel on the southbank so it's easy for us to get out there once we've checked in. Of course there is the London Eye there which looks amazing in the day and at night. Down from there is the This Morning studios. I had no idea we were so close to this so when we went in March last year I was so shocked to see it. There are lots of benches around there with a lovely view so perfect for a relaxing 10 minutes just taking it all in. There is also a little van there that does little sugar doughnuts so obviously gotta get some of those. Further down the southbank is the Tate Modern which again I had no idea was there. If you're into that sort of thing then it's a great one to visit and if not, especially around that area, I find is really beautiful just for a walk around. You can see the millenium bridge aswell which I just love looking at.

Visit Borough Market 

The southbank leads to Borough Market which I think is a place you have to visit at least once while you're in London. The amount of food available is insane and everything we have tried has been delicious. There you'll find fancy chocolate stalls, Indian food, healthy juices, paella, pies, just everything you could possibly imagine. Last time we were there we tried a few Indian snacks which were huge and so cheap, I literally dream about them. We also tried a Bread Ahead Vanilla Doughnut which was amazing. It's a place you have to go! 

See A Show

 I saw my first West End show in November 2016, it was Wicked and we went back in January to see it again because I just fell in love with it. I love the feeling it gave me, it felt so special going to see a show and it was something we had never done before as a couple so it's something I really recommend if you have a romantic trip planned. Of course I would say go and see Wicked but there are so many other shows, Mamma Mia, The Book Of Mormon, The Lion King, Les Miserables, and loads more, you are spoilt for choice. Tickets can be bought on the day from several places or if you're sure what you want to see, you can book in advance and the earlier you book, the cheaper it will be.

Evening Walk Around Westminster

 If you're around the Southbank and Westminster when the sun is setting then you have to do a walk around all the cathedrals and beautiful buildings. It's just such a relaxing walk and around there you'll see Big Ben and House of Parliament aswell as Westminster Abbey. We got some lovely pictures one night and it was just the most relaxing walk. From the bridge to Big Ben you will also be able to see the London Eye, and at night lit up it looks so special.

Shopping in Piccadilly & Leicester Square 

 If you like to try new food then you have to visit Whole Foods in Piccadilly. They just do so much, a lot of it is healthy and you're bound to find some new things you've never tried before, but they also do loads of fresh food and actually a big bakery section. You can get the best doughnuts from there aswell as brownies, cookies, rocky road, honestly there is all sorts, a bit pricey but so worth the money. Piccadilly leads to both Regent Street which looks so nice at Christmas time and is full of shops, that then leads onto Oxford Street, which I really think is a must see at Christmas time. If you'd prefer to head the other way from Piccadilly you can go to Leicester Square which has the massive M&M store aswell as the Lego store and Nickelodeon store, brilliant if you have kids with you. There is also the big Odeon cinema where premiers are held and there are some really cute little restaurants around that area.

Eat At Shake Shack and Shop At Covent Garden 

 If you head to Covent Garden, I really recommend trying Shake Shack. One of the best burgers and chips I've ever had! Be prepared for it to be busy and to be queuing for a while, so worth the wait though. Covent Garden looks beautiful all year round and just looks really special. You can find some really unique shops there too, one of my favourites been Sass and Belle which has some really lovely home bits and gifts. There are also other little cafes and bars so something for everyone.

You can easily get all of these things done in one weekend. London has so many amazing places within it to visit and so many things to do so the longer you spend there, the more you can do but a weekend is plenty for some shopping, eating good food, seeing a show and taking in the views. It's such a brilliant place.

Have you been to London? What do you like to do there?

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