Friday, 24 March 2017

Juicy Fuel Cola Review*

Earlier this week the lovely people at Juicy Fuel Cola sent over some samples for me to try and review for you all. Juicy Fuel Cola is basically a 100% natural craft cola made by the Juicy Shed Company which started in 2007. I was so excited to try this cola because it was nothing like I had seen before and it seemed to sound quite healthy unlike lots of other fizzy drinks!
Something that really surpised me when I first found out about Juicy Fuel Cola is that it's one of your 5 a day! I know you wouldn't think a fizzy drink could be but it really is and you wouldn't even know it when drinking it. It honestly tastes like any other fizzy drink, which for me is perfect because I am a little too obsessed with pop and drink it all the time! Juicy Fuel Cola isn't packed full of nasty stuff, it has no preservatives, no e-numbers, no added sugar and no added sweeteners. I really didn't think you could get all of that and not lose any of the taste but I ended up loving these drinks!

When these arrived on monday, the first one I tried was the normal juicy fuel cola. For me personally I thought it tasted a bit like Dr Pepper, and that is one of my all time favourites. It was fizzy, fruity and didn't feel unhealthy. Most of the time when I'm drinking a can of Coke or Dr Pepper I know it's bad for me and I can feel it on my teeth but with this, I really didn't. I just throughly enjoyed it and it felt totally guilt free. I gave one of these to my partner George to try aswell and he honestly loved it too. I expected him to be a bit more critical and fussy but he didn't have a bad word to say about it, so they must be good!

The next day I tried a can of the Cherry Cola and this was definitely a lot more fruity and I thought really similar to grape fanta which I actually really enjoy. This was just as nice as the normal Cola, it stayed fizzy for ages and I don't think I could pick between them!

Aswell as the taste, something I love about these drinks is the packaging. I love that they are so bright and out there aswell as being a tall and slim can. I just love how they look and I would definitely pick them up if I saw them in a store. Another thing which is quite a big thing for me is that they didn't go flat! I hate it when I open a can of pop and it goes flat pretty much straight away but these didn't do that at all and were just delicious. 

Overall, I am so impressed with Juicy Fuel Cola and wouldn't hesitate to buy them in the future. I loved both flavours and really recommend trying both if you get chance. If you would like to try Juicy Fuel Cola then there is a list of places you can buy them on their website here.

What do you think to Juicy Fuel Cola? Have you ever tried it?

*I was sent a selection of samples to try and feature on my blog. I only feature brands I feel are relevant to me and my blog and I genuinely loved this.

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