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What Does The Colour Of Your Home Say About You? #ColourYourPersonality*

As we rent our home, sometimes we can be quite limited with how much we can change and what we can do to really make the place feel like our own. I've mentioned a few times some of the things we've done, from painting the bathroom and creating a cosy living room to finally making a start on the office, but each room is pretty different from the other because we can't really do anything too drastic. Whilst I love each individual room, there's no real colour scheme running throughout our flat and each one tends to have it's own personality. Julian Charles have put together an ebook as part of the #ColourYourPersonality campaign which shares interesting ideas on the colours we choose for our home and what it might say about us so let's see what it might mean for me.
Bedroom, copper and white theme


The first colour in the ebook I was drawn to was purple because we've just redecorated our bathroom and you guessed it, we went for the colour purple. After living with a bright green colour since we moved in, we finally found the time to just go for it and make it a room we actually were happy to spend time in! I love my pamper evenings with a hot bubble bath but the room before just wasn't something I really loved. Purple stood out to us when we went shopping for paint, it's completely different to how it was before and now the room feels quite cosy which I like. According to the ebook, if you have purple in your home, it can mean you're organised and everything has a place where it belongs. Also that you like structure and routine is important for keeping your stress levels low. A big YES to all of these! George is a bit more laidback than me but I have always been organised and I get really frazzled if things are out of place in the flat or if something isn't how it was before. Routine is also good for me especially with my anxiety, I like to know what's happening in advance and I like to be able to plan otherwise I'm just one big ball of stress.


The next colour we seem to have a lot of in our home is pink. From pink bedding in the bedroom and pink accessories to pretty candle holders, all the notebooks and cushions in the spare room, it's a colour I've always loved and use throughout those two rooms a lot. This can apparently mean that you're a warm, friendly and approachable person and that your home usually is inviting for others. Also that you have a maternal side, you see the good in others but not necessarily yourself, and finally that you can be reserved and shy. I couldn't agree with more with most of these to be honest! I'm definitely shy, have been since I was little and I've never really grown out of it, I'm quite reserved with people and it can take a while for me to get comfortable and sort of let them in I suppose. I like to think I'm a friendly and approachable person, my face might say otherwise sometimes but trust me, I'm nice! I can get on with anybody and I love to think that my home is inviting. I want people to feel comfortable when they walk in and like they can just chill and feel at home when they're around. I've felt maternal since I was about 10 so I definitely agree with that too and whilst I do find the good in other people despite anything they might have done, I'm definitely harder on myself and I really struggle to feel proud of myself or see myself as a good person a lot of the time. 

There are several other colours in the ebook but these are the two out of them all that we have in our home in the most and really sum me up. I can't believe how accurate they are! I'd never have thought the colours you choose for your home could mean anything deeper but these are weirdly true! 

Do you have either of these colours in your home too and feel they reflect your personality too?

*This post is in collaboration with Julian Charles

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