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Get Perfect Autumn Nails With All That Jazz*

Though my current nail polish collection is already huge, I'm always looking to add more. I just can't help myself! Painting my nails is something I've loved since I was younger and now once a week I like to chill out for an hour, put a fresh colour on, relax with a face mask and treat myself to a little bit of a pamper evening. I was thrilled to receive the new Designer Collection from All That Jazz last month and I wasted no time in trying each bottle out.
Nail polish flatlay
I'd seen lots of photos of All That Jazz nail polish on Instagram from fellow bloggers and I'd only heard positive things so I was really excited to see what these would be like compared to some of my other trusty brands like Essie and Nails Inc. There are several gorgeous shades available from All That Jazz and they even have several collections, their latest being a perfect choice for Autumn

The Designer Collection is inspired by the works of iconic fashion designers and has elements of runway glamour, with colours such as shimmery blue, metallic red, cool nude and a sparkly silver.


The first colour I decided to try was Coco which is a beautiful red. I am all about the red nail polishes for Autumn and they lead you so well into Winter and Christmas too, yep I'm already feeling festive! What I love about this colour is that it's not just a plain red, it's a really deep colour with a metallic shine making it just that little bit different to my other classic reds. The bottles in the collection are a really generous size so I imagine you can get many, many uses out of these which for me is really important as I do tend to change my nails quite often! I wish you could see just how stunning this particular colours looks on as the photos really don't do it justice.
All that jazz - coco - red nail polish


I absolutely adore a nude nail polish, I just think it's such a classy and chic colour and pretty much goes with whatever outfit you choose. This is a really subtle nude with a hint of grey and a glossy finish. The brush in all of these bottles is brilliant, they fit the nails perfectly meaning within one sweep you've got your whole nail covered and I've found 2 coats for each shade has been the perfect amount. 
All that jazz - vera - nude nail polish


Purples and Blues are a go to choice of mine in the later months of the year when it comes to nail polish, though it's usually the much darker tones like plums and navy which I think really suit me and the outfits I tend to wear in Autumn and Winter. I was really excited to try this colour out though from the Designer Collection as it's much brighter and unlike anything else I already have. I personally think it's more purple than blue but it depends which light you look at it in I think. The colour of this is so intense and I think it's such a unique choice for Autumn compared to the usual reds and blacks. It has a hint of shimmer too which I love and like all of the other colours it's incredibly glossy and has great lasting power.
All that jazz - vivienne - purple nail polish


The final shade in the collection which I've mainly been using for an accent nail is Betsey. I love all of the names in this collection, so unlike any others I've had before. I've struggled in the past with glitter nail polishes, I usually find you can be applying coat after coat just for a few specks of glitter and then it's impossible to dry and just a clumpy mess. I now have a few trusted ones I always go back too and without a doubt, this will be added to that little collection. I've been so impressed with how well this applies for a glitter nail polish, in two coats I'm left with a really decent finished look, it's not just a few bits here and there, it actually fully coats my nail with glitter and dries within minutes. Just absolutely brilliant.
All that jazz - Betsey - glitter nail polish
This collection from All That Jazz has been so lovely to try and I've thoroughly enjoyed using each shade. I like them all for different reasons but I think I'll be getting lots of use out of 'Coco' as a red nail is just a must for Autumn/Winter and 'Betsey' is ideal for a glitter accent nail with any of these colours. I've found all of these last over a week with minimal chipping which for me is really important, I hate when you see within days your nail polish is already coming off but I've not had that issue with these at all. They have all been really easy to apply and just look even more stunning on. If you want to try this collection for yourself, it's currently £11.97 which I think is brilliant value for the amount you get and the high quality.
All that jazz - the designer collection, nail polishes lined up
Do you have any favourite nail colours for Autumn?

*Products provided for the purpose of this post

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