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Luxury Bouquets From Appleyard London Review*

For me, a bunch of flowers can really make a room. We rent our home and it can mean at times we're quite limited with what we can do. We're lucky that our landlord is relaxed and has so far been happy for us to add pretty much what we want but it's all still very neutral and sometimes it can be difficult to know what to do to make it more of our own and really inject a pop of colour. This is where beautiful bouquets from Appleyard London come in. If someone has a big bunch of flowers on display in their home, I'm always drawn to it so I was thrilled to receive my own bouquet last month and they have been perfect to display in our living room.
Appleyard London Summer Rose and Alstro bouquet
We have an open plan living room and kitchen so the flowers I chose have been visible whilst cooking up a tasty meal and also chilling on the sofa watching a film. Before I get on with my thoughts on the bouquet I received though, I'll explain a little bit more about Appleyard London.

Appleyard London are a boutique London florist who specialise in gorgeous fresh flowers online that are available anywhere in the UK. With a team of expert florists, they are dedicated and passionate about only sourcing the finest flowers from trusted British suppliers that stay fresh for at least 7 days. There are a huge range of flowers, plants and gifts available on their website so you really are spoilt for choice! I had the chance to review a bouquet and after much deliberation I went for the Summer Rose & Alstro.

First of all with Appleyard London, there is no need to worry about delivery. All flowers are hand tied into a beautiful arrangement, gift wrapped and then packaged in a large cardboard box. Therefore if you want to send a bouquet as a gift, you can be assured that no damage will be done on it's way.
Appleyard London delivery box
As soon as I opened the box, I could see straight away just how much care had gone into arranging the bouquet and ensuring it arrived safely. Everything was in perfect condition! Instantly I could see the bright orange roses neatly on the bed of yellow alstromeria and I couldn't wait to put them on display. The great thing about Appleyard London bouquets including the Summer Rose & Alstro is that they come ready for you to assemble into your floral arrangement so you can create it exactly as you wish to suit your home. All I needed to do with this bouquet is trim the stems and put into a vase with the plant food that arrives in the box along with a little booklet advising you on how to properly look after them.

The reason I was drawn to this particular bouquet is because of the stunning orange roses and up close they are only even more beautiful. They really are so bright and they matched so well with our kitchen as I had hoped and like you can slightly see in the photo below. Once in water, it didn't take long for the roses to open up and along with the yellow alstromeria, it really was a gorgeous bouquet that looked perfect in our open plan room.
Appleyard London Summer Rose and Alstro bouquet in a vase
The one thing I was sceptical about with a delivered bouquet was how long it would actually last and I ended up being pleasantly surprised! As I previously mentioned, the orange roses opened up quite quickly but the yellow astro took a little longer and they both lasted for roughly a week once in bloom which I think is impressive, especially as the flowers weren't directly near sunlight in our flat with them being closer to the kitchen rather than the living room. By 7 days, I did notice that the roses had started to wilt but the astro easily went on for far longer. The colour of the alstro seemed to intensify as they bloomed and I definitely felt they didn't require quite as much attention as the roses. Together though they formed a lovely bouquet and they were a delight to have in our home.
Appleyard London Summer Rose and Alstro bouquet in bloom
Overall I'm really impressed with Appleyard London and would definitely consider them in the future either as treat to myself or as a gift for someone else. Ordering flowers for another person whether that be for a birthday, anniversary or any other occasion, is such a lovely idea and with Appleyard London and their excellent delivery service you can be assured that a luxury bouquet will arrive safely and be sure to put a smile on someones face. In terms of cost for these bouquets, the Summer Rose and Alstro is £26.99 but each bunch varies. I think for what you get and the high quality service, it's really reasonable and worth it for an extra special gift. They also offer a subscription service so you can have flowers delivered to your home each month for blooming bouquets all year round!

Do you like to have flowers around your home too? Have you tried a flower subscription service before?

*I was provided with a bouquet for the purpose of this review

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