Thursday, 16 February 2017

Just Us Date Night Box Review*

A few weeks ago I was sent the Just Us Box to review which is basically a monthly box containing everything needed for a brilliant date night. Each box has 4-6 themed items including a date night plan, activities and challenges meaning you don't have to do any planning or sorting, pick one night each month and everything is in the box ready for you.
In my making memories date night box, I received; a selfie stick, 2 string bracelets, a keepsake box, photo album box, stack em game, a glass jar and lollipop sticks. All of these things separately probably sound really random but everything is explained in the little booklet.
The first thing we did was play the stack em game. There was a sheet of stickers included in the box, some already had questions on and some were blank so we could add our own. We stuck these to the blocks and then played the game, whichever question was on the block we each chose, we had to answer the question. I think this is such a fun game anyway but having the stickers on gave us something else to talk about and find out things about each other that we haven't spoken about before.
The next thing we did was make a love list. This is what the little jar and lollipop sticks were for. The aim of this was to think of places we would like to go, things we would like to do etc. The coloured sticks were for things that required more planning and maybe required travelling.
The plain sticks were for things that don't require much planning and are pretty easy to do just do last minute, so we wrote things like cinema, going for a meal, having a picnic. I loved doing this and I'm going to keep them all in the little jar so next time we want a date night we can just take one of them out and we won't have even had to think of anything.
The last thing we did do on our date night was put on our bracelets. The aim of these is to make a wish when you're putting it on and when it starts to fray, it means your wish is coming true. I just love little things like this. I think this is such a cute thing for couples to do and it's something I would never think to do otherwise.

We didn't get round to using the selfie stick on our date night or putting any photos in our photo album but I'm looking forward to taking some new pictures soon and filling the box up with loads of new ones. I think we'll use the selfie stick a lot in summer aswell though when we get out on more walks and hopefully visit some new places. I think it was a great addition to the box and something we would never have bought ourselves.

Overall I was really impressed with the Just Us Box. It contained so many fun things that I would honestly never think to buy or do and it turned out to be such a good date night, so different to anything else we've done in the past. I think my favourite thing that was included is the wish bracelets, I just love the idea of them but I did also really enjoying coming up with new ideas for dates and weekends away etc with the lollipop sticks. 

Boxes like this are brilliant if you can't get out the house much or you and your partner are busy at work a lot of the time. Everything is in the box ready for you so no need to worry about dressing up and going out or buying loads of stuff for your date night. Just relax with a glass of wine and see what's in the box. If you want to try one of these yourself they are £30 a month but you can get longer subscriptions too and also you can try a smaller trial box for only £18. You can find out more information on their website here.

Have you tried the Just Us box before? What do you think?

*I was sent the Just Us box to review but as always all opinions are my own and I only feature products I feel are relevant to me and my blog.

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