Friday, 10 February 2017

This Works Favourites...

This Works are a brand I have been loving for a few years now and every year in the christmas sales I stock up on a few of their bits so I wanted to do a blog post about them and show you the things I bought this year.
The first thing I ordered was the Dream Team Gift Set which includes a mini Deep Sleep Pillow Spray and a mini Stress Less. I got this for about £6 in the sale but it's usually about £10. The pillow spray is brilliant and really helps me get a better nights sleep. I've struggled with insomnia for quite a while now and I've found using a bit of this spray on my pillow each night really contributes to me feeling relaxed and settled in bed. If I'm having a really bad few nights (or weeks, or months) with my insomnia then to be honest nothing helps but when I'm going through a good phase with it and actually feeling tired at a normal time then this only helps even more with me getting a great nights sleep and waking up feeling refreshed. It is formulated with natural oils and contains lavendar and wild chamomile so when released it instantly makes you feel a bit more relaxed and really helps you wind down. The Stress Less roller ball is brilliant to just rub a little bit on my wrists so if I'm feeling stressed out at home or even when I'm out, I can just use a bit of this and it instantely makes me calm down. I don't know how that is possible, but it is amazing.
The next thing I ordered (I then gave it to George to wrap up for my birthday as I really wanted it) was the Calm To Go which is another mini of the Stress Less but it comes in a little keyring carry case meaning you can take it with you anywhere. This is perfect pocket size and I love to take it everywhere so if I'm feeling a bit anxious or overwhelmed when I'm out I can just rub a little bit of this on my wrist and it really helps clear my head. I think this was £5 in the sale and is usually £8 so I think it's really worth getting when on sale.
I'm pretty sure the Dream Team gift set is only available around Christmas time, that's when I've always bought it but I've seen the Calm To Go all year round. I really recommend This Works products if you struggle with stress, insomnia or anxiety. I struggle with all 3 and they've all really helped me so well worth getting, especially when they are on sale.

Have you tried anything from This Works before?

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