Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Paperchase Stationery Wishlist...

I could buy stationery every week. I never really used to get the fascination but now I do, I see so many pretty notebooks, pens, diaries, stickers, and just all sorts of stuff online and I just want to buy it all! We've finally made some progress with our spare room and it's actually starting to look like a proper office now, or as close as it can get, and so I want to get all the pretty stationery for it. I think I need it.
Raindrops Desk Unit £14 - I see the raindrop design on notebooks and things like that everytime I go in Paperchase but I'm still yet to buy something from it and I don't know why! I think it's such a pretty design and I just love the colour of this. This would be perfect for pens and lots of other little bits.

Raindrops Pen Pot £3.50 - Sticking with the raindrop design, I love this little pen pot. The green colour is gorgeous and would go really well with some other things we've already got in the spare room.

Cake Shop Magnetic List Pad £6 - I love things like this, I think they are so cute to just have in the kitchen. I am someone who loves to make lists so things like this are just perfect, I can make lists for house jobs, blogging jobs and also any food we need. The food one especially is good because I usually get to the shop and completely forget what we actually need!

Doughnut Notebook £2.50 and Stickers £1.50 - Who doesn't love doughnuts? and why wouldn't want a notebook covered in them? I can never have enough notebooks, I seem to misplace them all the time and I always want to make so many different lists so I think I need several of them, each for a different thing! I also love the stickers, even though I don't really have a need for them.

Postcards 70p each - I pick up little postcards like this every so often to add to our photo wall. They're so cheap and Paperchase always have so many different ones to choose from. I've seen the 'You're my favourite' one loads and I still need to get it, and of course there would be a London one. This is another one I've been wanting to buy but kept putting it off because I already have so many London ones up on the wall!

What's your favourite thing from this wishlist? Are you stationery obsessed aswell?

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