Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The Most Incredible Trip To London!

On Saturday we went to London just for one night and it turned out to be the most amazing, incredible, emotional trip! I'm just going to get straight into it because there is so much I want to say.

We didn't have long there so once we had checked in we went straight to Piccadilly and to what is probably our favourite shop in London, Whole Foods! We don't have one here so whenever we go we always like to pick up a few things from there and of course, we always have to get some of the crosstown doughnuts which are actually the best I've ever tasted. This time I went for the Chocolate Truffle one which was amazing, and George had the Peanut Butter and Jelly one. We also got a few other bits to try aswell but I didn't take any pictures of those! We then went to Leicester Square for a walk round as we don't normally think to go around that area. We only had a few hours before we needed to get back to the hotel so that was about all we got to do that afternoon but it was lovely.
The reason we didn't have much time that day was because we were going to see Wicked again that night. We went in November, review here if you would like a read and want to know a bit more about the story, and we loved it so we made sure we got tickets for Rachel Tuckers last show on the 28th. I had a feeling it was going to be a special show just because she was leaving and its quite likely she won't play this role again. I think a lot of people knew that because as soon as we were sat down and it started, the atmosphere was amazing but completely different to the last time we were there. As soon as Rachel came on stage people went mad and it was from about there I got emotional and didn't really stop all the way through! I won't ever forget that moment, it was very special. The Wizard and I gave me goosebumps and it was the best version I've heard of the song. She just gave everything to it. I had a feeling Defying Gravity was going to be super special and it really was. Last time we saw the show and she sang it, you could tell she was putting everything into it so I really didn't think she could top that but somehow she did, it's like she just went up another gear and it was honestly mindblowing how good it was. I was extremely emotional during that one! It's such a powerful song aswell. There were so many other good songs thoughout and I felt like all the rest of the cast we're really going for it and putting on a performance for her last show but those two songs were my absolute favourite. It was sad when the show ended because they all seem to get on so well and you could tell all the emotions were real, especially Suzie Mathers who plays Glinda, she was properly crying during their last song and that only made me cry more! After the curtain call and a few speeches, Rachel Tucker did hers and it was really beautiful. I don't really know how to explain what she said but she was saying that if she can achieve her dream then anyone can, and if you work hard and give it everything, you can do anything you want too. It was such an encouraging and empowering speech.
I feel so lucky that I can say I've seen her play Elphaba twice now, she completely takes on the character and she just becomes her, it doesn't even seem like acting. I've never seen anyone else play that character but so many people love what Rachel does with it and just how she embodies her and I don't think for me anyone else will beat her. She's just incredible. As much as I would love her to return one day and I'm really hoping she does, it seems like this is it for her now and as sad as that is, it's exciting to see what she goes onto do next. It was just the most magical show and I am so happy we went. 

I know this post probably comes across as so soppy and cheesy but I want to remember how I felt that night and I always love to look back on my London posts especially just because I feel so different there. Some people adore their hometown or go somewhere and just fall in love with it and for me, that place is London. I was trying to explain a few days ago what I feel like when I'm there and I can't put it into words properly but it's like a weights lifted when I'm there. Anything that is stressing me out or making my anxiety worse literally fades away, it feels amazing so it's a place I always want to keep going back to. I have no idea when we'll next go back and I'm very aware we're lucky to have gone the amount of times we have over the last few years but I think it's somewhere we'll always be excited about and a place we'll always keep going back to.

Have you seen Wicked and have you ever seen Rachel Tucker as Elphaba? If you have I would love to know what you think!

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