Saturday, 21 November 2015

Christmas Trip to Manchester...

On Monday we went to Manchester for 2 nights, just like we did last year, I think its something we'll do every year as a little tradition. Last year we went for the first time to go to the christmas market which is just amazing to see and we got engaged! and since then I've been wanting to make it a thing for us to do every November, luckily we both got the time off work and managed to book a few nights away in the same hotel, I had been looking forward to it for months and months and i'm so sad that we're back now. Last year it was all just a whirlwind and I don't think I got to take it all in so this time we made sure we visited the market a few times and saw everything it had to offer. 
We bought a few presents for people, they had some really cute things and I love that the things they have you probably wont find anywhere else. We also tried so much food, the doughnut pretzels are sugary amazingness. It all looks so pretty at night when the lights are on and the big Santa is lit up, I just love it, I feel so happy there and it just went so fast! 
When we weren't at the market we were doing all of our Christmas shopping at the Arndale Centre which is way bigger than I thought it was, my feet were dead by the end of the few days. We decided to get as many peoples presents as we could while we were there so we could just get each others and any other little bits when we were back, we did treat ourselves though and bought more than we planned too, we didn't really think that we needed to get it all home! We bought some christmas bedding which I love, its a tartan one which I think is so perfect for winter, its so cosy! There was more too but I'm going to do a separate post on that. We went to Slug and Lettuce on the first night for a meal, the mains weren't great but the starters were good! On the second day we had Pizza Hut, stuffed crust really is my life, and we also had a nice break in Costa. George tried one of the new christmas drinks, I think it was a gingerbread latte, I actually really like it aswell and I normally hate things like that. I just love christmas and we had to try one of the christmas drinks while we were there!

This week off has just gone so fast, its been really nice to have time off together and go away for a few days, I just wish we were back there! Hopefully we'll be going back next year! 

Have you ever been to the Manchester Christmas Market?

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