Friday, 13 November 2015

Weekend Summary #12 - Date Night and Taking a Break...

Last weekend we had the boys to stop which as always was so much fun. It's so weird that we have our own place and that they can actually stop over for a few days every month, it's mad how grown up we feel and how quick it all seems to have happened, it doesn't seem like its been 4 and a half years since we first got together!

On Saturday we decided to go a Paradise Island, a mini golf place as we've been before with them and they really enjoyed it, I actually don't think it matters what we do, its just always nice to spend time together and have a laugh. There are two different courses at Paradise Island, we've been before and I mentioned it in Weekend Summary #3 if you want to have a read, so this time we went for the other course. When we got back I made Spaghetti for tea which was actually so good, I really went off it for a long time but I know the boys like it so I made it and all of us loved it, I was so happy with myself as it was the best I've made and I always worry that people wont like my cooking! We also watched Harry Potter, of course I ended up falling asleep! and we bought loadsss of sweets and chocolate to have with the film, we don't see them often so when we do we like to treat them.
Normally I have a long weekend as I work Tuesday-Friday but this week I worked on Monday instead of Friday (today) so this week I have been so tired as I've been out of my usual routine and I never really noticed until now the difference that extra day off at the weekend makes! Even though we've both been really busy this week and so tired, we went out for a meal on Wednesday, we went to Pizza Hut, I have serious love for cheese stuffed crust omg. It was just amazing and nice to go out on a date night, the cookie dough too was just insane.
As we haven't had time this week, I really want to get on top of the tidying this weekend and get sorted for next week as we're off to Manchester and I can't wait! On Sunday it will be a year since we went for the first time and saw the christmas market which I had been wanting to go to for ages! I won't bore you all over again but these are the posts from last year - I'm Engaged!, Manchester Christmas Market and The Trafford Centre, Lush, Superdrug and Selfridges Haul!.I'm so excited to go again and just have a few days away together, it always feels so special and especially now im working I think we'll appreciate the time off together even more.

I'm posting this today as I won't be doing a weekend post next week, we wont be doing much apart from tidying and packing and I just want to enjoy the start of our week off together, i'll be back doing posts over the next few weeks and i'm sure they'll be a few about Manchester but I just want to take a little break, I haven't posted for a week because I haven't had anything I wanted to talk about and I don't want to force myself to blog and to be honest I just don't have the time now, i'm definitely not stopping blogging because I do love it but I really don't focus on followers or stats anymore, I just want to blog when I have something worth mentioning and when I can really dedicate some time to it.

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