Monday, 30 November 2015

Weekend Summary #13 - Putting Up The Christmas Tree!

This week we went both went back to work after our week off and trip to Manchester, it was hard. As much as we both enjoy work and George is loving his new job, it was still hard to go back and get back into the usual routine. I hate getting up so early! An exciting thing that did happen this week though is that we got our christmas tree! The last few years we have just had a tiny one as we lived in Leicester for a year so there was definitely not room for a proper tree in a student flat and last year we moved into our new flat a few weeks before christmas so we didn't get chance to get a new one. We picked one up from Matalan and I love it so much now its all decorated! We put it up on Thursday but I had to include it in this post. It was nice to relax on Friday after work with the christmas tree lights on, it looks so pretty. Most of the decorations are from Primark, we got a big pack for £5 a while ago and I picked a few extras up when we were in Manchester, the angel wings are my favourite and they're right at the top. I know it's not even December yet but everyone seems to have got into it all so early this year and I just love christmas so I couldn't wait any longer!
We had an amazing tea on Friday night, we got steak and George cooked them perfectly, I should have taken a picture but I just wanted to eat it straight away. I didn't get chance to buy much on Black Friday as payday for me is at the end of the month, I did find that I still had some money left on an Asos voucher though so I ordered a present for George, I've already bought loads for him for christmas so i'm saving it for his birthday in January, it's so difficult for us both because my birthday is only like a week after christmas and Georges is at the end of January so we both have to try and think of even more present ideas! We did find a good deal on a TV though actually with the black Friday deals on so we just decided to go for it, probably shouldn't have but we did need a new one for the bedroom as the one we did have was one we brought with us when we move out and we haven't had chance to get one until now. I love it!

On Saturday we had the longest lie in and we had breakfast in bed which was really really nice, we watched a few episodes of Catastrophe on the laptop and then George went to Meadowhall to pick up a few bits from M and S and the TV for the bedroom. I then made a Slimming World Chinese, I did a pork stir fry and made my own egg fried rice and we watched X Factor and then some more Harry Potter, we're a bit obsessed at the moment, we're just going through them all! Sunday was very much the same, we got some presents sorted and I made a roast, I also tried making some gluten free brownies as I had a pack which we got free a while ago and I only needed to add a few ingredients, they were actually really nice!
Did you do much this weekend? 

Did you see my last post? What we bought in Manchester!

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