Friday, 6 November 2015

Quick and Easy Recipe - Covered Chicken and 5 Grain Rice

I love cooking and try to do it as much as possible but since starting my job it has been so much easier to just go for convenience foods or to pick something up on the way home. We still cook just not every night like we used to and its been getting me down a bit lately.
I was going through a some recipes a few weeks ago and found a really simple one by Jamie Oliver. It's literally chicken coated in parma ham baked in the oven. He added some cheese in the middle and different seasonings and things like that but I just kept it basic. I cut any bad bits of the chicken then seasoned a little with salt and pepper, wrapped each chicken breast in parma ham then placed in a dish which I had sprayed with frylight. I baked it in the oven for around 40 minutes, checking and turning it about half way through. 

I already want to make this again, it was so simple and easy to make and it honestly tasted so good. It's already on the meal plan for next week! I made a salad just consisting of some iceberg lettuce, cucumber, plum tomatoes and red onion (my fave). We also wanted to try some of the new Uncle Bens Rice Pouches which have been advertised a lot recently, we picked up the 5 Whole Grains one which has wholegrain rice, wild rice, barley, millet and red quinoa. I know its more expensive to buy pouches like this but its so much easier and it was really nice.

Have you got any quick and easy meal ideas that I could do when I get in from work? I'm really stuck for inspiration at the moment!

I know this probably isn't worthy of a blog post and is a bit of a random one but I was actually really proud of it and it was the nicest meal in ages!

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