Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Weekend Summary #11 - Meadowhall and a Harry Potter Day!

This weekend was a really fun one, on Saturday we went shopping for a few bits, George was looking for some new work clothes, he started a new job on Monday and im so proud of him! He also looks really good in smart clothes, it makes a change to his old uniform that he absolutely hated. We've known for a while about his new job but I didn't want to mention it on my blog until it was definite and he had started but now I can finally say! Anyway, as well as work clothes for George, I wanted to get a few things too as its getting really cold now. I went to New Look and got some new skinny jeans, i cant find a link for them now but they're so comfy and I can't wait to wear them with my boots, I also got this grey longline top which is really flattering and so comfy and I got a zip side jumper which goes really well with my leather jacket and boots. I definitely need a few more things for winter but we're going to Manchester in a few weeks so I think i'll pick some more up then. The last thing I got from New Look was a perfume which is actually a present for one of our friends, we still have a few more things to get them but I thought she would really like this and it smells so good, I should have got one for myself!
I did get some new pyjamas from Primark too, I love buying new pyjamas and Primark just had loads to choose from, I got some cuffed blue pyjama bottoms which were £6 and a loose vest which was £3.50. I don't want to take them off! The last few things we got were from Superdrug, I got the Garnier Ultimate Blends Marvellous Transformer Shampoo and Conditioner which smell amazing. I used them a few days ago for the first time and I know im going to love it, my hair already feels better than it did before. And we went to Harvester for a meal, but they've changed the menu! So it was nowhere near as good as it has been before which is disappointing. On Sunday we had a film day, well a Harry Potter day, we only managed to watch 3 of them but there is so many and they are so long so we'll have to have another one in a few weeks! It was a really nice chilled Sunday which is exactly what we wanted the day before George started his new job, it gave us chance to get everything sorted and spend some time together, I also made a Lasagne for tea which was really nice, we hadn't had it in ages!

I'm so excited for the next few weeks, George is going to be on much better shifts now so we'll actually get to see each other a bit more, next weekend his brothers are stopping, I'm not sure what we'll be doing yet but we always have fun and then in a few weeks we're going to Manchester for a few days! I can't even explain how excited I am but i'll talk about that a bit more in a few weeks time as this post is long enough!

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