Monday, 2 November 2015

A Cosy Movie Night In - Film Haul, Candles & Food!

Me and George both love a good movie night and we like to go all out when we do. We recently had one and George went shopping first to pick up a few films and essentials, I had no idea what he was getting and he did very well so I wanted to blog about it.

He picked up a selection of films as we had no idea what we wanted to watch, he got Cuban Fury, Maleficent, The Breakfast Club and Into The Woods. I think they were buy one get one free or something like that at HMV. They're all quite different which is nice, from comedy to disney and more. He also went to Primark and picked me up a new candle, in Pink Grapefruit, it smells so good! Also isn't the packaging so pretty? I love having candles lit in the evening, especially when we want to get cosy and settle down for the night. I didn't know he was getting anything like this so it was a very nice surprise. 
Then for treats because is it a movie night without them? I don't think so. He picked up my favourites, Dairy Milk Puddles and Caramel Nibbles. He also got a muffin for me from the best place ever in Meadowhall and he got himself a Krispy Kreme, baked goods are life.
Something else I think is essential for a movie night is cosy pyjamas and a nice glass of wine! I'm not normally too bothered about wine but George picked a really nice one recently and it's definitely one we'll get again. I also love my new cosy pyjamas from Primark! It was the ultimate movie night in, so lovely!

What are your essentials for a movie night? 

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