Thursday, 19 November 2015

November Favourites - Snow Fairy, Garnier & Primark Pyjamas!

I'm not sure if its too early to post this as we're only half way through the month but i'm going to anyway. This month there has actually been quite a lot I've been loving so I thought I would do a proper monthly favourites as normally I just wait and do a favourites post every few months as sometimes its hard to find things each every few weeks!
Lush Snow Fairy - I am so glad that all of the christmas products are back out at Lush! It's my favourite time of year and I just want to buy everything when it gets to the christmas range. I still had a small bottle of Snow Fairy unopened from last year so I have been using that and I seriously just fall in love with it more and more every year. It smells so sweet and just fills the whole room and I can smell it for ages afterwards! I definitely need to stock up on it this year, as well as all the amazing bath bombs which come out at christmas. 

Garnier Ultimate Blends Marvellous Transformer Shampoo and Conditioner - I love this shampoo and conditioner, it makes my hair feel so good! It just smells amazing and my hair just feels so clean after using it, I know your hair should after using any shampoo but the one I was using before this was just making it even more greasy and it just felt horrible most of the time. These ones are for dull hair and my hair is very dull at the moment, it just looks the same all the time and it needs livening up a little bit, this shampoo and conditioner are really helping and I can't recommend it enough. 

Primark Pyjamas - Primark is just the best for pyjamas, I bought myself some fluffy Winnie the Pooh ones a few weeks ago which are going to be perfect for christmas and a few weeks ago I bought some new bottoms and a loose vest and they are just so comfortable. The pyjama bottoms are cuffed ones and a really soft material and the vest says #letssleep and its a really nice loose one so perfect for sleeping in and even though they don't match, it doesn't matter, they're pyjamas and I just love the ones from Primark, after buying these I also went back and bought some red checked ones, they are so soft and they just look so christmassy!

Little Mix 'Get Weird' - I don't think I have ever bought a Little Mix album but after listening to a few of the songs on this album I might have to get it, some of them are just so catchy! My absolute favourite is Secret Love Song, I also love Hair and Grown. What do you think to this album?

One Direction Made in the AM - I loved One Directions last album so I wasn't sure if this one would be as good, overall I think their last one is my favourite but there are some amazing songs on their new one. I'm still so sad their going on a break, is it really a break? cos i think its a full on split. Anyway, my favourite songs which I have been playing over and over from this album are,  AM, Temporary Fix, Infinity, Perfect and Olivia. Have you heard the new album?

Another favourite of mine has obviously been going away for a few days with George to Manchester, like last year, it was just as good as last year and we went to the Christmas Market a few times over the 3 days so it felt like we really got the most out of it, and we did so much christmas shopping! I'll do a proper post over the next few days but I had to aad it onto this one!

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Stephanie said...

All of my primark pyjamas seem to have fallen apart in the past couple of months, which is relaly gutting! I was actually pleasantly surprised to discover how nice and affordable New Look's range are at the moment!

Steph -

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