Monday, 29 September 2014

Born Pretty Store...

I found out last week I am going to be receiving some exciting things in the post soon from Born Pretty, a store who went from selling Nail Art items to selling a huge range of Beauty items, Jewellery and Accessories, perfect for somebody like me. I am interested in all of things and was thrilled when they offered to send me a few Jewellery pieces! 
This store was set up with the ordinary female in mind, whoever they might be or where they come from, to help them find the perfect accessories for an outfit, the perfect nail colour or art to add something a little different or jewellery to make a statement. There is something for everybody, you are sure to find something that suits you and your style. I personally went for Jewellery, just because I don't have loads and I like to add little pieces here and there to make an outfit, whether that be a statement necklace or a little bracelet. 

I am so excited to be working with them and if you would like to work with them too, there is a place on there site specifically for that so get in touch and send them an email! 

Edit- They didn't arrive and I don't know why.

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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Weekly Favourite #3

This week my favourite is the No. 7 Lipstick in Classic Rose.
I have had this lipstick since Christmas I think, if not before and I have only just started using it! I love it when you find something you had no idea about and this was one of those things. I started using this as I just wanted to add a bit more colour to my make-up and I would rather wear a bold lip than eyes. I'd love to be able to go for the whole smoky eye thing but I am just not good enough at it so I have been looking for some lipsticks and glosses which can be the main focus. 

This lipstick is in the shade Classic Rose and I actually really like it. I thought it might be a bit too dark for me and it is if I just apply it straight on with the stick, but I have been using a tip I heard about on Essie Buttons Autumn Get Ready With Me video. She said with a bold lipstick to apply a thin layer first with a make-up brush and then blend with your fingertip, then if it isn't dark enough you can add more instead of adding too much at the beginning! I use the No7 Lip Colour Brush and this tip is definitely something I have been sticking too, I like being able to start off my lip quite light and build it up if I need too. This lipstick aswell as looking great, feels great. It just glides on the lip and it is so moisturising. You wouldn't really need to add any gloss on top of this but I do most of the time. I have been using the No7 High Shine SPF 15 gloss in Smile

No7 Makeup hasn't really been something I have thought about buying in the past but after using this lipstick I think I will definitely be looking out for it in the future. I did see some great things of theirs a few weeks ago in Boots! Their make-up is reasonably priced too and I always notice they have some sort of offer on. This lipstick is currently £9.95 and on 3 for 2. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a few more of these lipsticks, they have so many colours available, literally loads! I also love their nail polishes and they have some great little gift sets maybe for Christmas or birthdays. 

I actually got the Lipstick, High Shine Gloss and the Lip Colour Brush in a set and I have used all of them, even though I really didn't expect too! I think using a brush for your lipstick is such a great idea and I can't see myself doing anything different for a long time, especially for a bold lip.

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Friday, 26 September 2014

James Bay...

I'm not sure if you will have heard of musician James Bay, I hadn't until a few days ago but I have fallen in love with his music and I think you will too. These songs are going straight onto my iPod, I can't stop listening to him! I just wanted to do a little post to say go and listen to him on youtube if you haven't already!
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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Wall Art Wishlist...

I love home accessories as I am sure you all know by now, one of my favourite things to add to the home though is wall art. Whether that is a canvas, mirror or picture frame, I love pretty things all over the walls. One day I would like a wall dedicated to photos, just frames and frames of memories, from being a child to being a grown up! Maybe in the living room or I think it would look great on a staircase. I like the thought of having pictures of me and George as a child, us as a couple, our families, our holidays, our wedding, friends and our children throughout the house for everyone to see and to remind us of all of the good memories and good things we have. I absolutely love Nexts homeware range, I know I have blogged a lot about their home products but they just keep adding more and it has been a few months since the last one... 

If you are a lover of homeware and interior design like me, you'll understand why I am always looking for more and more things to add to our home. One blog post on these things is never enough and I am sure there will be many more in the months to come. 
I think the White 12 Aperture Ornate Frame and Sentiment Collage Frame are both great for holding lots of different photos and these are frames that I would probably put on the staircase walls. The Shelf Frame Set is probably one of my favourite things that I have found on Next, I love the colours and how simple they are. I would put these next to the fireplace with some nice photos in or on a shelf on the wall, maybe above it? I seriously love this set. 
I love Autumn so much so the Photographic Tree Canvas Set is perfect and I just love this Framed Home Print. 
I love having nice wording or quotes up, not that there is many at the moment, but I think sometimes they are better than an actual picture and just something to make you smile. The I Love You Canvas is so sweet and the colours are pretty and the Laughing Canvas is so simple but I love it and again I think the colour is really nice. 
I think this Rustic Key Hook is so cute and would be great for the hallway for when you just walk through the door and need somewhere to hang your keys and other little things. It is only £10 too! The Cut Out Wall Clock is different to other things I have seen but I would really like this in a nice, modern kitchen! I love the wooden effect and the colour of it and it would go well in any room. 

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Monday, 22 September 2014

Style Icon -Tanya Burr...

I have loved Tanya Burr and her style since I discovered her on Youtube a few months ago. She posts beauty and fashion videos, hauls, Q&As and she is currently doing vlogs throughout September so definitely go and check her out! Aswell as her Youtube channel, she also has a blog and here she posts in detail about so many things, she's just done a post on London Fashion Week and the shows she went too which I loved reading. I have watched so many of her videos and read so many of her blog posts, it sounds strange but I kind of feel like I know her. She just seems quite similar to me, personality wise and she has suffered from anxiety for a long time too and as I am currently suffering its good to watch somebody and know that things do get better and that lots of other people experience it too. She just seem so normal and down to earth. Aswell as being a great blogger and vlogger, I also love her style. She dresses so well for her shape and knows exactly what does and doesn't suit her. She is my inspiration when it comes to fashion. 

Here are some of my favourite looks of hers - images all taken from Google.
Do you like Tanya Burrs style?

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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Weekly Favourite #2

My Weekly Favourite this week is the Garnier Pure Active Face Wash. I started using this face wash a few weeks ago, which I mentioned it in my Boots Haul and I have loved it. 
I bought it on a whim really, I knew I wanted to get some new skincare products but it wasn't what I was specifically looking for the day I got it. I had been using Simple Cleanser and Simple Face Wash but I was running out and I was using them just to finish them, not really because they were doing much. I have spot prone skin and I hate it, I really do, so I want something that is going to hopefully get rid of that and prevent it. As good as Simple products are, I do think my skin had got too used to them and they have stopped working. 

I wasn't looking for a particular brand or range, but I ended up getting Make Up Remover and a Face Wash from the Garnier range. I bought the Micellar Water which everyone has been raving about, I can definitely see why and I got Pure Active Anti - Blackhead Deep Pore Wash. Both of these were on offer which is partly what attracted me to them but I knew I wanted the Micellar Water regardless of the price and I thought it made sense to get them both from the same brand. 

I bought the face wash as it says The Pure Active range has been developed to fight the appearance of imperfections, blackheads and shine. I definitely suffer with these things and I can say that I have noticed an improvement since I started using this. It also said it contains micro beads to exfoliate and cleanse your face. I love it when I can really tell that that what I am using is working, I give my face a good scrub with it and make sure all the dirt and bacteria has gone and I can really just tell that it is helping my skin. 

My skin isn't perfect at all, I would love it to be clear and smooth all the time and never wake up with spots but I am a girl and no matter what I do or what I use, there are always going to be times when I can't do anything about it, I just have to get over it, deal with it and wait for whatever might be on my skin to disappear. Whatever my skin might look like, I can feel the difference this face wash is making. It has improved my spots and complexion but the biggest difference is how soft it has made my skin feel. I use this in the morning after I have washed and at night after a shower and within minutes of wiping it away, I have smooth skin which feels amazing. I would seriously recommend this. It was just over £1 when I bought it in Boots which is such a bargain but I would pay more than that in the future. I don't think the original price was that far off £1 anyway and the Micellar Water, which I will do a review on soon, was just over £3. I haven't used Garnier products much in the past but if these two are anything to go by I will be definitely be buying more in the future. 

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Food and Other Loves Joins Facebook!

I just wanted to put up a little post to say I have made a Facebook page for my blog and would love if you could be so kind and go over and give it a like! I have only just set it up so would really appreciate it! 

I will be posting all my latest blog posts over there and using it a bit like my Instagram aswell!

Thank you!

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Friday, 19 September 2014

You Beauty Discovery Box...

This month I received the You Beauty Discovery Box, thanks to a voucher code which meant you could get it completely free with no delivery charge! I think the code may have expired now but it was on Student Money Saver. They have loads of discount codes and freebies so it's definitely worth having a little look. 
There are so many Beauty Boxes around e.g. Birchbox and Glossybox which I haven't tried yet but You Beauty is the cheapest I have seen. It is normally £6.95 a month, the others set you back over a tenner a month so this is a great deal. With this box, you choose two items from a list, they can include lipsticks, body moisturizers, skincare items aswell as so many other things. You are then guaranteed to receive those two items in the box, you will then also receive a few extras, normally getting in total about 5 or 6 products. I think this is really good for the price you pay.

This month I chose the Wild About Beauty Lipstick and Sanctuary Spa White Lily & Damask Rose Body Lotion. I really don't have many lipsticks so I really wanted to see what the Wild About Beauty one was like. The colour I got was 05 Maddy, not too dark but not light either. I will definitely be wearing it soon. I have also just noticed on the box it says 'Soft shine lip colour with moisturising Mango Butter, nourishing Argan Oil and Protective SPF'. More than just a pretty colour. The Sanctuary Spa Body Lotion is probably the best thing I received. I knew when I chose it that I was going to like it as I have heard so many good things about all their other products. It smells so so good and it is to be used on dry skin, so perfect for when your are just dry after a shower. I know I will be using this a lot and i'm certain it will be included in one of my Weekly Favourites

Aswell as these two amazing items, I also received a Toni & Guy Volume Plumping Whip. This is designed to give your hair body and bounce from the roots. All you have to do is use a small amount and rub it into your roots before drying your hair. I haven't used anything like this before but I was only just thinking I need to start using some other products on my hair, rather than just shampoo and conditioner. I have been concerned about my hair getting damaged from drying and straightening but I just never seem to get round to buying any product for it, so this was a great addition to the box. 

Next was a Small Makeup Sponge, always handy to have and will be added to my makeup bag! Also there was two Crabtree and Evelyn Teas. There was a Afternoon Tea flavour, this is a blend of fine teas from Kenya and Ceylon and there was a Blackberry Green Tea. 

The last thing was a Hello Fresh £25 Voucher. This is something I have wanted to try for a long time and I am going to be getting my first box very soon. 
Overall I am very very impressed with this box, I never expected to get such great stuff and it be such a good price. I would definitely get this again in the future. £6.95 is nothing compared to the actual total of all the products. 

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Quote #10

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Weekly Grocery Shop #11

This weeks shop was from Asda, I think it might last us a bit longer than a week as we have quite a lot in now that needs using and I have meals planned for at least a week. I managed to keep the total to just over £25 this week including delivery which I was really pleased about.
3X Wholemeal Pitta Bread £1
5% Fat Mince -£2 
2X Smoked Bacon £4 
Haricot Beans £0.62 
Crispy Fries £0.85.
Chopped Tomatoes £0.31. 
Kidney Beans £0.23.
Passata £0.50 
Low Fat Supernoodles 3 for £2.
Freddos £1.
Jubbly Lollies £1 
Eggs £0.89.
Nectarines £0.84. 
Strawberries £1.50 
Extra Large Chicken 
Granny Smith Apples £1.40.
Premium Baking Potatoes £1.50.
Cauliflower £0.80.

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

What is on my nails #3

This week I decided to go for something a bit lighter compared to the Models Own Black I wore last time. I love the Barry M nail polishes but I don't have many of them at all. This is the Gelly Nail Paint Lilac. 
Have you tried this one from Barry M?

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Monday, 15 September 2014

Ed's Diner and Tiger Haul...

Today we actually went out for the day and did some shopping, something we haven't done for quite a while. We didn't get loads, though there was so much that I could have bought! I just picked a few things up that we needed and a few extras, I just couldn't help myself. 
I went to Superdrug first and picked up - Impulse Rock & Love (smells so good) and Imperial Leather Rose Garden Hand Wash. Both of these are so nice and were on offer for under £1. George then treated me to a little present, it is the Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polish - Shade 703 Rock N Roll. I thought this colour was perfect for Autumn/Winter. I know I will have this on my nails for Christmas. 

We then spotted a new shop named Tiger. I had heard of it before but it is new to our local shopping centre and I had no idea about it. They had so much and it is a danger to our bank accounts. I can see myself going there a lot! They have home items, stationary, food, drink and so many other things. I picked up two little photo frames, 2 for £1! How good is that? A mini alarm clock as we have quite a lot of trouble getting up in the morning, I think it was £1, George got some earphones too for £2 and then we picked up a pack of 6 Dutch Waffles. We love these and don't see them often so they were a great find. 
Aswell as having a little shopping trip (George bought something from Burton and Game too) we also went to Eds Diner. They currently have 50% off if your signed up to their mailing list and we had a £10 voucher too. We love Ed's Diner, the food is amazing and the staff are always so polite. 
George got the BBQ Pulled Pork Burger, I got Chicken BLT and we shared some Wet Fries (Chips in Gravy). Then we shared a Cheesecake! My favourite. 

It ended up being such a nice day! 

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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Weekly Favourite #1

I was thinking that I need to add something new to my blog, mostly focused around fashion or beauty as that is something I am very interested in at the minute. I have so many new products that I just haven't had chance to use yet or that I am loving so I thought I would start doing a 'Weekly Favourite'. Each week, I'm thinking a Saturday, I will pick a product that I have been loving and using a lot that week and then I will write a quick review of it for all of you! I find it so hard to do monthly favourites, just because you have to pick quite a few things and I can never normally remember everything I have been loving or it is the same month after month. I thought this would be a good way, just picking one random thing each week and talking about it! So for the first one, I've chosen my Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation.
I only bought this foundation last week but I am so impressed. I can see this becoming my ultimate make-up item and something I will repurchase over and over. This foundation claims to last as long as you do and stay on for 25 hours. I am a bit sceptical that this could stay on for that long, but each time I have used it, I have not been disappointed with its lasting power. It has stayed on from the morning to evening and that is something that I want from a foundation. It gives good coverage and it really hides any blemishes or spots on my skin. That was the main thing I wanted, for it to cover any horrible things I may have woken up too. I thought that it may feel a bit heavy on my skin but it really doesn't, I only needed to put one coat on for it to do it's job for the day. I also think it smells so good! I was not expecting it to have a nice smell, if any but it really does. 

I am going to do a full review of this at some point, probably when I have had it for a bit longer but so far, I love it!

Have you tried this? If so, what did you think?

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Friday, 12 September 2014

Next London Fashion Week Competition...

I received an email about a competition Next are running and I really wanted to take part. The rules are - Pick your favourite model and select an outfit for them from Pick an outfit that you think would look really good on them, it can be laid back or a more creative one, completely up to you. Then write a blog post, upload it onto the next blogger network and tweet @nextofficial with the hashtag #NextLFWmodel. You must enter before 12pm on the 29th September. If anyone wants to enter and wants more information visit the Next Blogger site.

The model I have chosen for the competition is Jourdan Dunn. I love her style and think she is gorgeous. She always looks great on the catwalk, red carpet and when she's just dressed casually. Here are a few of my favourite looks of hers.
Images taken from Google.
Now for the outfits I have chosen - I chose two outfits as I couldn't pick between the things I found!

The first one includes this 2-In-1 Jumpsuit. It is £48 and I think this is a great price for a piece which you would get a lot of wear out of. It is something which could be worn for a big event or could be worn casually with some flats in the summer. The reason Jourdan would look good in this because has already worn similar things to this and pulls it off, it is something different to a dress. She has the longest legs ever and they would look so good in this. I think her hair would look great loosely curled too with this, making it a more relaxed look but still dressy enough for a catwalk or red carpet. 
I would pair this jumpsuit with some Platform Heels which are £38 or some of these Premium Jewel Sandals for a more laidback look. They come in black or nude and I think both would go well. A bag I really think would look nice, for all of Jourdans make-up essentials would be this Across The Body Bag. This comes in a number of colours but I love it in purple to match the shoes. I also spotted this Silver Charm Necklace for £12. From what I have noticed, Jourdan doesn't wear a lot of jewellery so I thought this was just the right amount and doesn't draw too much attention away from the outfit.  

The next outfit I chose was this Printed Bodycon Dress £48. I love the pattern all over it and the colours compliment each other well. It has side panels which give a flattering shape and add curves, a dress I think would look great on Jourdan. Again it is something similar to what she has worn before, just with a bit more colour. I would add a small bag like this Boxy Clutch. I would also add some shoes similar to these Ghilly Sandals. I love the colour of them and the style is a bit unusual.  
This is my entry for the Next London Fashion Week Competition which I would love to win! The prize sounds amazing. 

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My Autumn and Winter Favourites...

Autumn and Winter have always been my favourite times of the year for as long as I can remember. The best thing is watching the rain (or snow if we're lucky) while sitting in a warm cosy room with blankets and cups of tea. I look forward to it every year and it means that it is getting close to Christmas!

There are some really nice things that I would love for the colder months, so this is like a little wishlist and also my autumn and winter favourites and must haves!
Next Cat Check Legging Pyjamas £30, George Leopard Throw £6, John Lewis Wild and Wolf Mug £7.95, Yankee Candle Fireside Treats £16.99.
Next Snuggle Cardigan £22, Elf £4.32, Essie Poor Lil Rich Girl Nail Polish.

What are your Autumn and Winter essentials?

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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Top 5 Songs #5

There is so much good music out at the moment! I've managed to pick 5 though for this that have been my favourites recently!
1. Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora - Black Widow.
2. Taylor Swift - Shake It Off. 
  3. The Script - Superheroes. 
4. GRL - Ugly Heart. 
5. MKTO - Classic. 

Do you like any of these songs?

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Monday, 8 September 2014

Quote #9


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Weekly Grocery Shop #10

This week we had our usual Asda shop and the total was £29.78 which I was so happy with. I always feel really proud when I manage to keep it under £30 even it is only about 30p.
Muller Light Vanilla and Toffee £2.
Muller Light After Dinner Mint £0.68 
Pineapple £1. 
Cathedral City Lighter Cheese £2.
White Wine Vinegar £0.80 
Pasta and Sauce £0.50 x 2. 
Colman's White Sauce, I think it was £0.60. 
Chopped Tomatoes £0.31 each. 
Extra Lean Mince £2. 
2 smoked bacon £4. 
2 Smoked Ham £3. 
Smartprice Chocolate Chip Cookies £0.40. 
Milk Chocolate Bubbly Bites £1.20.
Milkybar Buttons £1.
Kia Ora £1. 
Iceburg Lettuce £0.49.
Mixed Peppers £1.
Plum Tomatoes £1.
Onion £0.17.
Premium Baking Potatoes £1. 
Petit Pains £0.98 each

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Style Crush - Jennifer Aniston...

Jennifer Aniston attended the premiere of her new film 'Life of Crime' recently and she looked gorgeous in her shimmery dress and strappy heels. I think she looks gorgeous in just about anything but this especially, suits her so much. If you wish you could look a bit like her and recreate this outfit, then you can with the help of Next!
Image taken from google.

Dry Lake Silver Sequin Dress £85, Biker Jacket £38, Steve Madden Realove Sandal £65 - I love the dress and the shoes! The shoes could be paired with other outfits too. I think they would look good with some jeans and a blouse and then the biker jacket over the top. 

Here are some more of my favourite Jennifer Aniston looks. 
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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Small Boots Haul - Rimmel, Garnier & Homeware...

On Wednesday we went out for the day and as I had a look around Boots and picked up a few bits, I really wanted to do a little haul. 
Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara - I saw this in Boots but it was a bit too expensive but when we went to Asda afterwards they had it on offer for £6, a good few pounds off the original price. I am so excited to try this! 

No.4 Peony and Lotus Flower Candles - I am so glad I spotted these, they were right at the back of Boots and they had loads of candles on offer. These were £4 for a pack of 3 and they are usually £8. They are so pretty, I don't want to use them because they look so good in the packet!

Soleil Lady Gel - This was just a random buy but it is so good and was only just over a pound. 

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - This is something I have seen all over instagram and bloglovin for months now and I was desperate to get some. I have been using Simple Face Wash and Cleansing Lotion but I have had them for such a long time and I kind of felt like they had stopped working on my skin and I needed something new. I tried this last night and it was so good, it says on the bottle you get 200 uses from it which is great! It was on offer too for just over £3.

Garnier Pure Active - As I just said I needed something new for my skin so I thought I would give this a try, felt so good for giving my skin a good scrub and clean. Under £2 too. 

Rimmel Long Lasting Foundation - I was just running out of my foundation and I wanted a change. It was only £5 in Asda which I was so pleased about. I haven't  had chance to wear it yet but I will do a full review soon!

Have you tried any of the beauty and skincare products I bought?

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Thursday, 4 September 2014

August Degustabox...

I love receiving the Degustabox every month, I am always so impressed and we use every item in the box. Here's what was in this months box!

Berry White Fruit Drinks - We received the Peach and Goji Berry flavour and it was so nice. It was just like a normal juice drink but almost a bit watered down. The flavour wasn't really strong but not too light either. I love anything with Peach in so I knew I would like this.

Lindt Just For You Hearts - This was a pack of 10 chocolate hearts and these were gone straight away. I love lindt and so does George so they were never going to last. They came in a cute little tin too. I think they retail for about £3 so not sure I would go out of my way to buy them unless they were on offer.

Dr Oetker Edible Wafer Cases - As I have said before in previous Degustabox posts, I am so glad they are including baking items in the boxes. I love baking and I will use every single baking item they have included so far. These will be perfect for muffins and buns.

Cawston Press Apple and Pear Juice - I have liked every Cawston Press drink that has been included in the Degustabox before but this is definitely my favourite. You can taste the apple more than the pear but that is fine for me as I love apple juice and could drink it all the time. This is perfect for younger people or children for their lunch-box.

Schwartz Flavour Shots - These have been included in the Degustabox before, I think last time we had the Paella and Tagliatelle and this time we have the Spanish Smoked Paprika Chicken and the Mexican Fajitas. I am so excited to use these and make some nice meals! I love cooking with new things and trying meals we wouldn't normally make. 

Caribbean Twist Strawberry Daiquiri - I really like this so I am glad this was included. 

Brioche Pasquier - We received the Pan Au Lait and the Pan Au Chocolat. I love the chocolate ones and I am surprised they lasted us more than a few days, Good warm or cold and great for breakfast! George loved the plain ones and has managed to get through them! Will definitely be buying these again. 

Mexican Dave's Lightly Salted Tortilla Chips - I think it was the cheese flavour we got last time but I liked these just as much. It didn't take us long to start eating these! 

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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Weekly Grocery Shop #9

We got our shopping on Monday from Asda but I have only just got round to writing this, I don't even know why its took me so long! The total was £32.69 which I was pretty happy with.
Heinz Ravioli £0.85.
Chopped Tomatoes £0.31. 
Kingsmill Tasty Wholemeal, 2 for £1. 
Passata £0.50.
Weight Watchers Petit Pain £0.98. 
Pasta £0.29.
Lettuce £0.49.
Smoked Bacon, 2 for £4. 
Sour Cream Reduced Fat £0.90. 
Eggs £0.89. 
Sweetcorn £0.47.
2 Batchelors Pasta and Sauce Chicken and Mushroom £0.50 each.
Heinz Beans £2. 
Mushy Peas, 3 for £1. 
Kidney Beans £0.26. 
Chocolate Chip Cookies £0.40. 
Rolos, 3 for £1. 
Dairy Milk £1.
Highlights, 2 caramel and 2 chocolate. 4 for £1. 
Isotonic Sports Drink £2. 
Frozen Mixed Vegetables £1
Chicken breast fillets £2.00. 
Onion £0.17.
Low Low Cheese £1.50. 
Plum Tomatoes £1. 
Baking Potatoes £0.98.
Avocado £1. 

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Liebster Award #3

I was lucky enough to be nominated again for The Liebster Award, my third! My nomination came from Amy who's blog is Sorry I'm Early. Go and check it out! I love the Liebster award, I think it is a great way of finding out about other bloggers and in return them getting to know you a little better too. As I have already done this a few times I'm not going to nominate others specifically, I find it so hard to choose! So I'll be a bit of a rebel and nominate anybody who hasn't done it yet! 
The Rules:
11 facts about yourself
Answer 11 questions given by the blogger who nominated you
Come up with 11 new questions
Nominate other bloggers with less than 200 followers
Let your nominees know about it

11 facts about me:
I am 19 years old
I love to bake and would love my own bakery/cafe one day
My flat is tiny
I prefer savoury food over sweet
Frankie and Bennys is my favourite restaurant
I am a bit OCD with cleaning and tidiness
I want to be a young mum
I love shopping and do it a bit too much
I love watching vlogs
Winter is my favourite time of the year
I listen to music everyday

Amy's Questions:
Favourite season?
Winter, I love snow and rain! 

Do you prefer day or night?
Right now I don't really know, struggling with sleeping a bit but when I sleep well I love night time.  

What was your dream job as a child?
When I was really young I wanted to be a singer, then I decided on something to do with nursing, either midwifery or children's nursing. Ended up doing neither!

Favourite Make-Up Brand?
I like so many! At the minute I have a lot of MUA things but I do like Rimmel, Maybelline and so many others. I really want to try some Bourjois stuff soon. 

Who is your celebrity crush?
I have a long list, Matthew McConaughey, Alex Turner, Jamie Dornan. 

What do you love most about blogging?
I love being able to write about whatever I want, and getting to talk and interact with so many lovely people. 

Would you rather have fingers for toes or toes for fingers?
I think both would be pretty weird but probably fingers for toes. 

Favourite quote?
Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.

Whats the best concert you have ever been too?
Arctic Monkeys at Don Valley Stadium. I also saw them at Motorpoint Arena in Sheffield too but Don Valley was loads better. It's so good being from the same home town as your favourite band and seeing them live in that place. 

Favourite TV show?
So many! Loved Orange Is The New Black and American Horror Story which we watched recently. But I do love Coronation Street, Eastenders, TOWIE, Big Brother. 

What's the best holiday you've ever been on?
Probably Greece in 2011. 

My Questions for you!
1. Why do you blog?
2. Favourite meal?
3. What is your dream job?
4. Favourite type of music?
5. Your biggest strength and weakness?
6. How long have you been blogging for?
7. Dream holiday?
8. Advice you would give to your younger self. 
9. Favourite social networking site?
10. Favourite celebrity?
11. What would be the main thing on your bucket list?

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