Monday, 29 February 2016

February Favourites - Soap & Glory, Essie and New Look...

I've finally got round to doing another favourites post, most of these I have been loving through January too but I've had so many problems with my phone and haven't been able to take pictures until now! 
Spotify - Over the last few weeks I have been a bit obsessed with this, I made a playlist so long ago full of some of my old favourites, and I mean old and some more recent ones and I just love it, I love that with the app you can have it on while doing other things and using other apps.

Essie Nail Polishes - I recently found a shop on Ebay that was selling brand new Essie Sets on 3 for 2 for only £4.99 each, and as it was on a deal I only ended up paying £10. They arrived within a few days, all in perfect condition and I've been loving using them. I bought Pedi Power which has Tart Deco and Status Symbol, I also got Bridal Bliss which has Eternal Optimist and Allure, and the last set I got was a Professional Routine set which has a top coat, bottom coat and the shade Mademoiselle. At the moment I have Eternal Optimist on my nails, I have found the perfect one for when we get married!

New Look  - New Look have had some great things in recently, I bought a fringe hem vest as I wanted a few new things for London, and as its quite simple and plain I thought I could wear it in the day while we're out but also it could be dressed up for a meal one night, I've already worn it once on a date night, I feel like the style of it really suits me and I'm definitely going to look out for similar styles in different colours, it's really flattering but also really comfortable to wear. I've also been loving my block heel boots, my others were wrecked after wearing them for so long and these were quite similar and in the sale, I love the colour of them and the heel.

Cards Against Humanity - This game is wrong in so many ways but also so much fun.We had been wanting to get it for ages and I finally bought it from Amazon as a birthday present for George but gave it to him early. We've just become obsessed with it! We even have the first expansion pack now which is just as good.

Soap and Glory Smoothie Star Body Buttercream - I got a few Soap and Glory sets for Christmas and this was included in one of them and it smells amazing! I really like their Lime scent normally but this one beats it, it's Pistachio, Almond and Sweet Vanilla. I just can't stop using it, I already don't want it to run out! They do a few things in this scent though so I definitely need to get some more soon!

What have you been loving this month?

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Friday, 12 February 2016

A Blogging Break...

So I haven't done a blog post in over 2 weeks. I really didn't want to get to this point where I hardly ever post anymore but at the minute I have no motivation for it and i'm just so tired after work that the last thing I want to do is take blog pictures and spend time thinking of new posts and things like that. Even at weekends, I just don't seem to want to do it. I'm hoping to get into some sort of routine with it again soon but I don't want to pressure myself and put things out there that aren't very good and I wouldn't be proud of. I haven't had much luck over the last few weeks with my phone so I haven't been able to take many pictures, over 3 weeks without Instagram, I couldn't cope ;)

I definitely want to get back into the weekend posts again as they're my favourite to look back on but as we're going to London in a few weeks we're just saving for that and not really doing much else so there isn't really anything worth publishing. I'm going to try and get back into them in March when we're back. They'll definitely be a few posts up about London and i'm sure one of them will be a haul, you can follow me over on Instagram if you want as i'll be posting loads over there! I really can't wait, its only February but I already feel like I need a break. 

They'll be a favourites post at some point as I've had a few things I've been using and loving over Christmas and new year and now I can finally take pictures again i'll be putting that up soon, apart from that there might not be much on here until march.
You can follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest though if you want to keep up to date on anything I might be doing! Hopefully it won't be too long til I'm back blogging.

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