Sunday, 15 May 2016

Date Night Ideas

You'll have probably seen in my weekend posts that we try to go on regular date nights, normally at least once a month. I always appreciate when we do date night as we get to spend some proper time together, sometimes work and life can be so busy and stressful and it can be hard to switch off and get away from it, so we always try to do something where we can just relax and have a nice evening. Date Night doesn't have to mean going out though, here are a few of my ideas...

1. Cook for each other 

I love it when George cooks for me, its a very rare thing but I always appreciate it when he does and I know he's put some thought into it! I remember one time years ago he made me a menu and I got to choose a starter, main, dessert and drinks and he went out to get everything I chose and he made a lovely meal. I know he put so much thought and effort into it and it felt really special. I cook most nights so I have to admit I don't go all out and do romantic meals a lot of the time but it's definitely something i'm going to do more often. Even just lighting candles or sitting together at the table makes a difference. 

2. Movie Night 

I love a good movie night, where we pick a few films and just stay up and watch them while eating loads of treats! I like to get a load of chocolate and sweets, crisps and nice drinks and just chill on the sofa with candles on, so cosy and its always nice to get snuggled up together watching a film. 

3. Cinema 

I love going to the cinema and we've actually been quite a lot recently, its our go to date night idea and we always enjoy it. Our first date was actually at the cinema so its always a bit special whenever we go.

4. Go out for a meal 

 When we do date night, we normally go to the cinema and then onto a restaurant for a meal afterwards. We normally have a few drinks (prosecco for me) and we go all out with the food. We've been to Frankie and Benny's quite a few times but last time we went to Bella Italia which was so nice, they had lit a candle and it was a really nice atmosphere, we were in a lovely little booth too. I love going out for a meal, its always to just spend that time together and have a good talk. 

5. Date Day 

We've done a date day quite a few times, it normally involves shopping! and we'll normally go for a nice meal while we're out or for a coffee. I like it when we do something that involves the full day and then when we get home we can relax and watch a film or something like that. I really like the thought of going somewhere different for a date day, I really want to go to a zoo! We're just not really nearby any so its a bit of a difficult one but I would absolutely love it. Somewhere we like to for the day is Leeds as it's not far on the train and has a mix of everything. There are always places nearby worth considering!

What do you like to do for a date night?

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