Thursday 11 April 2019

Waitress At The Adelphi Theatre London Review

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, we saw two musicals when we were in London last week, those being Come From Away and Waitress. I'd been listening to the Waitress cast recording for well over a year and it was a show I was desperate to transfer to the West End so when it was announced, I wasted no time in getting tickets!
Outside of the Adelphi Theatre with Waitress poster
Waitress might not be hugely well known over in the UK just yet but it's about Jenna, a waitress and expert pie maker who dreams of a way out of her town and abusive marriage. After finding out she's pregnant and then a satisfying run in with her new doctor, she realises there might be chance for a fresh start after all if she just believes in herself. The musical is actually based on the 2007 film of the same name which was written and directed by Adrienne Shelly and starred Keri Russell and Nathan Fillion. Again, it's not massive over here but it's a lovely film and it's been brought to life by a female-led creative team including Sara Bareilles who I think we all know for hits like Love Song and Brave.
Waitress poster and Waitress review outside the theatre
Having Waitress move into the Adelphi Theatre definitely softened the blow of Kinky Boots leaving earlier in this year and I was so excited to see how the story would come across on stage. Despite having a few reservations about some of the casting choices when they were announced, everyone in the show is outstanding! Katharine McPhee after a successful run on Broadway is our current Jenna and she is out of this world. If there is anyone with a note perfect voice it's her, just crystal clear and a pleasure to listen to. She just seemed to get the character of Jenna, her portrayal was so believable. Marisha Wallace and Laura Baldwin were both hilarious as their characters Becky and Dawn too, the three of the women just go together perfectly. Now onto the men in the show. David Hunter who we saw in Kinky Boots last year is currently playing Dr Pomatter, and I was so happy when this was revealed. There was so much chemistry between him and Katharine and he was incredibly funny throughout. Talking of funny though, one of the stars of the show has to be Jack McBrayer who you might know from 30 Rock and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. He got the biggest laughs throughout and I honestly didn't want his scenes to end, absolutely perfect for the role of Ogie. Special mention to the rest of the cast too who were all just brilliant - Peter Hannah, Shaun Prendergast, Kelly Agbowu, Piers Bate, Nicole Raquel Dennis, Chris McGuigan, Olivia Moore, Charlotte Riby, Michael Hamway, and Mark Willshire.
Now the music! Omg the music. Each song is absolutely perfect. From upbeat songs like Opening Up and When He Sees Me to the funny Never Getting Rid Of Me and Bad Idea, and then the songs that genuinely make you want to just cry She Used To Be Mine and Everything Changes. I have to mention What Baking Can Do though. I've always loved that song but Katharine sang it beautifully, each note just seemed effortless. She really brings something special to each song.

Despite absolutely loving from Come From Away the night before, and wondering a little if Waitress could live up to that, we had such a lovely night and the show was just wonderful. There has been a bit of negative press around the show and how it's unlikely to be in the West End for a long time but I really do hope it has a long life here. The story comes to life beautifully, each song pulls you in and the cast clearly absolutely love being up there each night. It's a show I know I'd go back to again and again if I could!
Photo of pie at Waitress, stage in the background
If you wanted to know, our seats were in the stalls (P13 and P14) and the view was perfect. You don't miss a thing and they're actually not priced too badly so if you're booking a ticket, I couldn't recommend those enough. Also when you're there, you have to treat yourself to a pie! Not cheap at £6 each but it's all part of the experience, and I love the little touches like that they've brought to the theatre. The whole theatre also smells like fresh pie and cinnamon when you walk in too!
photo of the stage at the end of the show
Have you seen Waitress too? Have you got any shows planned?

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LauraEve said...

Oo I want to see this, may need to take another visit soon.

Tiffany Timms said...

It was so good, I'd love to go back!

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