Wednesday 15 May 2019

Bear Update #1 - 1 Month At Home, All The Emotions & More

I know I've already spoken about our new puppy Bear quite a lot since we brought him home last month but I'm not gonna stop, sorry. I do worry people who read my posts or follow my Instagram etc might be getting a bit bored of all the updates and photos but I've waited such a long time for this moment, I just want to talk about him all the time. I've not been blogging as much as before because I just don't have the time (or energy) at the moment so it might not seem like it's been that long since we brought him to his forever home but surprisingly it's already been over a month so I thought now was the perfect time for me to share a proper update on him - how he's been doing, how he's grown and more. It's absolutely flown by.
So, Bear came home on the 12th April at 8 weeks old so he's now 2 days away from being 13 weeks old. In some ways it feels like he's still so little and in other ways it already feels like he's becoming a proper little dog. Also in that respect, sometimes it's like he's always been here and I can't remember what life was like before and then other time it's like 'oh he's actually only been here a few weeks, this is still so new!' It's been such a huge adjustment and the last few weeks have tested us beyond belief but it's honestly the best decision we've ever, ever made.
8 weeks - 10 weeks
He's had quite a lot to deal with himself over the last couple of weeks. First of all there was his second vaccination. It was our first time taking him to the vets but he was so brave. He got SO much attention from all of the ladies that work there, non stop cuddles but the yelp he did when he had his injection broke my heart. How the hell do parents cope with children?! Unfortunately he was then back unexpectedly last week. He woke up a little poorly, we had no idea what was wrong but he wasn't himself and it's always better to get these things checked out rather than just worrying. After another injection which honestly made him scream the whole place down and a course of antibiotics, he's back to himself and as wild as ever. I definitely didn't think he'd get poorly as quickly as he did but it seems like being the massive foodie he is, he'd eaten something that didn't agree with him and caused all sorts of trouble. He did get lots of new toys out of it though and allll the cuddles so he didn't suffer too badly I don't think!
So, how he's getting on at home? Well he thinks he rules the house. He is so cheeky. Not naughty, but he just knows how to push you. As he's still so little, his big teeth are coming through which means when he's awake, he is constantly trying to bite something. Whether it's his toys, the curtains, shoes, socks, his crate, or us, whatever is close-by will do! And wow, it hurts. Frozen carrots are a big help though and he can't help it though so you can't stay mad at him. When he's not running madly around the flat or chewing, he's sleeping. He loves his sleep and he gets himself into the weirdest positions. I could honestly sit and watch him sleeping for hours, he looks so peaceful and I always wonder what he's dreaming about.
He's also been to his first puppy class! We were really keen to get him into something that would introduce him to other dogs and other people as soon as possible and we found somewhere nearby that has been brilliant so far. In his first class, he met 5 other dogs and he was just so well behaved. He can be quite boisterous at home sometimes but once he steps outside his shy side comes out so I fully expected him to be the quiet one but he was so intrigued by everyone and and got stuck into everything. Honestly my heart could have burst, I was so proud of him. I took this photo of him afterwards and when I look at it, I just think YOU ARE MY SON, OMG I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, HOW ARE YOU MINE. I honestly couldn't recommend puppy classes enough if you're thinking of getting a dog, I can't wait to see him come out of his shell even more as the weeks go on.
Sticking with training, he now responds to his name, he can sit, he's getting pretty good at fetch and he's got so much better at settling himself at night. The first few nights were hard when he would just cry for for us but now he just gets in his bed with all of his stuffed toys and tends to sleep through til around 6ish. There's still a lot I think we need to learn ourselves when it comes to training and teaching let alone Bear but he's just done so well so far. He's only just started going out for walks and he's not a huge fan of it at the moment so that's something we're trying to tackle but hopefully over the next few weeks we'll get there. Aswell as walks, we've also discovered he is not a fan of baths or the hoover. But he does like Line Of Duty, George's dressing gown and chicken.

So this post is long enough and I think I've covered everything I wanted to. It's been such a huge learning curve this past month, we knew it would be hard and we've waited until now for a reason but honestly it's 10x more difficult than I ever expected. He literally takes all my time and energy, getting simple jobs done now takes hours but he's so worth it. I've cried more than I expected to, I'm an emotional person anyway but it's just such an overwhelming thing. I also find I'm taking things more personally than I would have before. I'd hoped people would you know actually want to see him and get in touch, and be interested but that doesn't seem to be the case. Not to end this post on a bad note but when you're so happy and just want to share this little bundle of fluff with everyone, it's hard when the people you're close to and the people you expected to care, go the complete opposite way with it. So yeah, having a dog makes you cry a lot.
I'll probably do another update on Bear in a few months time, he's growing so fast so I can't wait to share more pictures and let you all know what he's been upto. We've got our first family holiday coming up soon too which I'm so excited for but I have been thinking, what have we let ourselves in for πŸ˜‚He's just everything though, the absolute love of our lives.

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Heather Nixon said...

Bear is SO cute! x

jennyinneverland said...

I could cry he's so cute! Sorry to hear he got poorly and had to go to the vets. Puppies tummy's are so delicate. When my dog was about 7 months he was so ill from something that didn't agree with him.

More updates please! <3


Tiffany Timms said...

I agree Heather, can't stop looking at him! x

Tiffany Timms said...

They really are aren't they Jenny! He's so much better now but he knows how to worry us xx

Samantha | The Beauty Spyglass said...

Bear is the cutest little dog! He’s got such an adorable face. Our dogs are like our children! I know what you mean about not having time for anything, we have two dogs, two bunnies (and a child)! Plus, soon we are taking on some lambs so I’m always short of time! They are worth it though, we always say our dogs aren’t here for very long so we must make the most of them. Ours are 6 and 4 already! Their little lives do pass by quickly. Lovely post Tiffany, I’ll not get fed up with your Bear updates! x

Samantha | Samantha |

AlishaValerie said...

Oh my gosh darling, this little guy is so adorable! I'm sending you all of my love! πŸŒΈπŸ’œ

With love, Alisha Valerie x |

Joy Corkery said...

There can never be enough posts of Bear!

Tiffany Timms said...

Aww thank you so much Samantha. That's so true isn't it, it's scary how quickly Bear seems to be growing! I already can't bear to think of him not being as little as he is now. So glad you like all of the posts about him! xx

Tiffany Timms said...

Thanks Alisha, I love him to bits xx

Tiffany Timms said...

Haha so glad you think so Joy :) xx

Sophie said...

He's so cute he makes me want to cry. All of these photos are just 😍😍. There can never be too many Bear updates x


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