Saturday 31 August 2019

Weekend Summary #28 - A Trip To York, Autumnal Homesense Haul & Movie Night

I mentioned in last week's weekend summary which was all about Bear, Baking and a trip to Bakewell, that I really wanted to try and make these posts more of a regular thing again so here I am with another! I doubt they'll end up becoming a weekly thing permanently because most weekends I don't get out of my pj's and I'm pretty boring but last weekend was another fun one so I wanted to document it.
The Shambles, York
Our weekend started with a trip to York which has become one of George and I's favourite places. We first went last year for a little minimoon, the time has flown by since then, and we went earlier on this year for a day trip but this time was our first visit with Bear. I love getting out to dog-friendly places when we can, it makes for a nice date day for us which is so important nowadays when work has been taking over, and I just think it's fun for Bear to see these new places and meet lots of other dogs. I took loads of photos but I'll just share a few of my faves including Clifford's Tower which looked even better in the sunshine, the pretty umbrellas at Coppergate Walk and York Minster which just never gets old no matter how many times I see it.
Clifford's Tower, York
Weekend Summary #28 - A Trip To York, Autumnal Homesense Haul & Movie Night
York Minster
It wouldn't be a trip to York without popping into Betty's Tea Rooms. They do the best cakes and the selection they have is huge. I always go for my fave though, the fondant fancy, which you have to try if you spot a Betty's at any point!
Betty's Tea Rooms, York
I also took advantage of Homesense whilst we were there as we don't have one close-by and this is always the best time of year to visit as it's when all of the autumn stock has just started arriving. It's the best season in my opinion and I'm literally counting down the days til it's here so I couldn't resist picking up a few bits. I stocked up on candles, including a gorgeous Woodfire Apple scented one. It's huge aswell and looks beautiful on my bookshelf. I also got a few mini ones which are such a bargain at £2.99 each in the scents - Fireside Embers which smells like men's aftershave, genuinely one of my favourite scents, and Beech & Apple which is the perfect mix of fresh and sweet. I'd say it's a great scent for transitioning from Summer to Autumn. I also got myself a glass pumpkin too as I've always seen these on Instagram and just never got round to picking one up myself, and a few beauty bits including a Wetbrush which I've been after for ages! It is the best hairbrush I've ever used.
Homesense Haul
As always Bear had the time of his life just exploring in York, getting loads of fuss from people and then having a big snooze on the way home. I love just walking with him and seeing what we find, I hope he enjoys it as much as I do.
Bear in York
Bear in York
After a day in York, we actually had a pretty chilled weekend which just involved lots of cooking, baking and films. We watched Bridget Jones's Baby which was just as good as I remember, the perfect romcom. We also watched Us which is on the complete other end of the scale in terms of genre but it was so good! More creepy than anything and it had a decent twist at the end, which kind of changed the whole story. George made an amazing madras on Saturday night which I'm still thinking about and I made some Tiffin just in time for the new series of Great British Bake Off. Anyone else happy it's back? I can't wait to have even more of an excuse to bake every week now.
Bridget Jones's Baby DVD
I know these posts might not be the most fun to read so I totally understand if you've struggled through to the end but I just love writing them and they're always a favourite of mine to look back on, which I think is important to do every so often.

Have you got much planned for this weekend?

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Heather Nixon said...

I love York, I need to visit again x

Hannah said...

York looks so beautiful, I've wanted to visit York for so long, but it's finding the time for us. I love your weekend summaries xx

Hannah | luxuryblush

Daisy said...

I haven't visited York since I was at primary school and I really want to!! I want to visit some Harry Potter shops and try Betty's! I've heard so much about it! One day I will meet Bear because he's so cute! xD

Daisy xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived

jennyinneverland said...

I love these sort of posts! York looks so beautiful! And so does Bear! I've still got to watch Bridget Jones Baby! Also I agree with Daisy - we need to arrange a meet up so we can all meet Bear!


lauren said...

Love York! One of my favorite places to visit!

Lady Writes said...

I love York! I've not been for ages but I really want to go back x

Sophie said...

I love York, it's not that far from me so it's always a great place for a day out. Bear looks so cute strutting down the street x


Nancy Rogers said...

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Kim said...

York looks like such a lovely place to visit. I love the photos you've taken from the streets! I've never been to York but we have a trip planned for late October.

Joy said...

York looks really nice x

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