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The Never Have I Ever Club By Mary Jayne Baker Book Review*

I received a copy to review but all opinions are my own*
I'm really glad I still seem to be on a roll with book reviews! After quite a few weeks of reading nothing and spending far too much time endlessly scrolling on social media, I seem to finally be back in the swing of things with reading and I'm loving sharing some of my current favourite books. Just last week I shared my review of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid and before that I posted my review of Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams so make sure you give those a read if you're in need of something new but today I'm talking about The Never Have I Ever Club by Mary Jayne Baker!
The Never Have I Ever Club By Mary Jayne Baker Book cover
'Robyn Bloom thought Ash Barnes was the love of her life - until one day he announced he was leaving her to fly halfway across the world. Months later, Robyn is struggling to move on - but then she has a brainwave: The Never Have I Ever Club. Her handsome next door neighbour Will helps her bring their fellow Yorkshire villagers together for some carpe-diem-inspired fun. From burlesque dancing to Swedish massages, everyone has plenty of bucket-list activities to try, but it doesn't take long for Robyn to realise what - or who - her heart truly desires: Will. There's just one problem: he's Ash's twin brother. Make that two problems: Ash is moving home...and he wants Robyn back.'

My Review

After reading quite a variety of books recently, I'd been looking forward to getting lost in a romance again. For me, that genre will always be the best and I'm always looking for characters that I can really root for so The Never Have I Ever Club by Mary Jayne Baker came along at the right time.

One of the main things that hooked me in with this book is the seize the day aspect that comes when Robyn sets up The Never Have I Ever Club. A club which encourages its members to try all of the things they've always wanted to but never got round to for whatever reason, whether that be life drawing, dancing or skinny dipping, just to name a few. I think because of lockdown a lot of us have realised just how much we were taking for granted beforehand and I know I certainly have so much more I want to achieve and get ticked off my bucket list because of this. Whilst obviously different circumstances, I could really relate to Robyn's realisation that there's more to life than you're sometimes led to believe and that want and need to get out there and see the world.

The club really gives her something to focus on after her breakup with Ash and it was easy to be charmed by every person that was part of it, especially people like her Aunty who really stood out to me as the kind of person you would want in your life. I loved her relationship with Robyn.

I was obviously rooting for Robyn and Will, right from the very beginning where there's a bit of an embarrassing situation in a doctors surgery, you could tell there was a spark there and it was lovely reading their interactions and seeing how close they were after knowing each other for such a long time. Of course, the main issue is Ash. Ash returns after fleeing to Australia and wants Robyn back, but was he ever really the right brother for Robyn? It was really interesting to see the dynamic between the three of them and you could tell why there were parts of both of the men that Robyn was drawn to but ultimately I wanted her to choose her own happiness for once and to me, that wasn't going to be with Ash. I won't spoil the path the book ends up going down but I thought the ending was lovely and it definitely left me with a smile.

If you like a will they/won't they romance, The Never Have I Ever Club is definitely that. I wouldn't say there's huge amounts of tension and I thought it was quite obvious where it was going to go eventually but sometimes you just need a book that's a really easy read, where there doesn't need to be loads happening all the time. I thought the characters were really well written and I loved that we got both Robyn and Will's perspective throughout. I often find in romance novels I'm dying to know what's going on inside the man's head too and we don't always get that so it was an added bonus knowing how he was really feeling, especially when he wasn't necessarily saying it to Robyn.

Overall I really enjoyed this and I'm looking forward to reading more from Mary Jayne Baker in the future. I'd definitely recommend if you want a lighthearted read for the Summer!

Have you read much recently?

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Riana Ang-Canning said...

Aw this sounds like a really fun read! I love the carpe diem theme and a romance is always a great summer read.

Heather Nixon said...

Not for me but I'm glad you enjoyed it x

Kelly~Diane said...

This sounds like such a nice, easy read and something that I would enjoy when I'm lounging by the pool on holiday. You've written a great review.

Sarah Trademark said...

I might have to check this one out xx

Sophie said...

Not one for me but it sounds like a nice holiday style easy read. I'm glad you enjoyed it! x


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