Tuesday, 9 February 2021

What's New In My Etsy Shop - Bear's Brownies and More!

 Last October I launched my own business, Bear's Brownies and More. I don't know about anyone else but lockdown and 2020 in general made me re-assess everything and I knew that going forward I needed a change. I've always loved baking and over the last few years in particular it's become a real saviour of mine and brownies were the thing I found myself making over and over. After lots of research, practise and trial runs, I decided to start selling my own homemade brownies and it's gone better than I could have ever predicted. collage - creme egg brownies, caramel egg brownies, malteser bunny brownies, mini egg browniesWhilst I'm still such a new business with a lot to learn, I'm beyond proud of myself and everything I've achieved so far and it's not often I feel like that. I've finally found something that works for me and I can't see myself doing anything else now! As I mentioned in my goals for 2021 post last month, I'm aiming for 150 sales this year but I'm already at 95 which is just mental so who knows we might even get more than that? Each week I doubt myself and worry that the sales will stop but so far so good! I don't want to just talk about this all the time on my blog as I know not everyone will be interested but yesterday we launched our new brownies for Easter so I thought now was a good time to share them with you just in case you don't follow me anywhere else and also because I'm really proud of them!

Creme Egg Brownies
First up we had to have Creme Egg brownies in the shop didn't we? I love a Creme Egg & always find myself with a little stash long after Easter as I don't want them to end! These are our classic chocolate brownies with an oozy Creme Egg in the centre. Available in boxes of 4 or 8. We also have a mixed Easter Egg assortment box which includes 4 Creme Egg brownies & 4 Caramel Egg Brownies.Creme Egg brownies

Caramel Egg Brownies
So as I've just said, Caramel Egg Brownies! God, I think I love these as much as Creme Eggs. If you like our salted caramel brownies, these are for you! These are also our classic chocolate brownie with a Caramel Egg centre. Absolute heaven. Available in boxes of 4 or 8 or as I've just mentioned, we have an Easter Egg assortment box which is a fun way to try out both of them!Caramel Egg brownies

Mini Egg Brownies
Who doesn't love Mini Eggs?! Our fudgy chocolate brownies filled with chunks of the brand new Cadbury Mini Eggs bar & topped with Mini Eggs. These just somehow take on the flavour of the mini eggs and the brownie itself has become even more delicious! Available in boxes of 4 or 8. Also available as part of our 2 flavour mixed box.Mini Egg brownies

Malteser Bunny Brownies
Finally, our Malteser brownies are back! These were really popular at Christmas so as soon as I spotted the mini Malteser Bunnies I knew we had to bring them back this Easter. These are fudgy chocolate brownies swirled with Malteser Spread, drizzled with white chocolate and topped with a mini Malteser Bunny. Available in boxes of 4 or 8 or as part of our 2 flavour mixed box.Malteser Bunny browniesAll of our Easter brownies and our Easter Egg assortment box will be available until April so are only here for a limited amount of time. Whilst I'm so excited about all of these, we do still have all of our original flavours too. There's Salted Caramel, After Eight, Bourbon Biscuit, Biscoff, Mint Aero & Milkybar. We have a 2 flavour assortment box which allows you to choose 2 of any of the flavours & you'll receive 4 of each. We even have a biscuit box assortment too which includes our Biscoff Brownies & our Bourbon brownies. 

All of our brownies last at least a week (though usually far longer) and are individually wrapped for freshness. Each flavour is delicious as it is or you could warm them up in the oven or microwave too. 

Thank you SO much to anyone who has ordered or supported us in anyway since we opened last year. It's the best thing I've ever done and I can't wait keep launching more flavours.

What's your favourite Easter chocolate?

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Unknown said...

These look so amazing!!


jennyinneverland said...

I’m so proud of how much you’ve achieved with your brownies! As you know I absolutely bloody LOVE them! I love the salted caramel ones so much but I definitely will try some of your Easter ones too. Think Malteaser Bunnies would be my choice! xxxx

Lindsey said...

You have done so well since starting out, it's incredible watching your journey and I really hope it continues that way! I've bought for other people - I really need to buy some for myself! These Easter ones sound absolutely divine, I love anything to do with mini-eggs! Good luck continuing your sale streak but sounds like you're smashing it.

Hannah said...

I am super happy for you and how much you've achieved, and as you know I love your brownies they're amazing! All of these look so good, the malteaser ones would be my go to xx

Hannah | https://luxuryblush.co.uk/

Zoie said...

Wow, these look delicious! I had no idea I could buy food items on Etsy. Haha

Congrats on all the success!

Pip said...

You have done so well trying to start a business. And, I love these brownies. I adore anything sweet, and cadburys crème eggs in a cake is divine.

Kayleigh said...

I saw yesterday that your brownies had almost reached 100 sales! Congrats because they are honestly the best Brownie's I've ever had in my existence. The Easter themed Brownie's look incredible x

LoveRosiee said...

Wow all of these are making my tummy rumble!! I love a mini chocolate treat and these look divine!!

Sophie Naylor said...

Ooooh wow girl I love finding new small buinesses! Those creme eggs look so yummy omg x

Anonymous said...

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