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New From Capsicana - The Ultimate Fajita Kit Review*

If there is one type of food I could have week after week and never get bored, it would always be Mexican. Whether that's fajitas, tacos, enchiladas, nachos or something else, those sorts of meals are always my fave to make and they just scream Saturday night in to me. I always look forward to an evening at the weekend where we have some sort of Mexican feast, stick a film on the TV and just indulge. When it comes to making these meals, I tend to vary between making my own and using kits by various brands and in the past I've turned to Capsicana which you might remember me reviewing if you've been here for a while! We loved their meal kits last time so I was thrilled to receive some of their new range recently - The Ultimate Fajita Kit and The Ultimate Refried Beans, and we wasted no time in putting them to the test.
Capsicana fajita kit and refried beans next to each other
Just in case you've never heard of Capsicana, the company was founded by Ben Jackson. He has become a bit of an expert in the different tastes' chilli gives and he's spent years in the kitchen trying the achieve the best blend of ingredients possible. Therefore Capiscana put the true taste of Latin America on the dinner table in less than half an hour and they now have an array of products for you to choose from that are sure to impress.

So let's get onto the fajitas! I am just obsessed with them so it's a regular contender for the meal plan and anything that can make life a little easier like this kit is always welcome. The Ultimate Fajita Kit (£3.60) contains their award winning Mexican Chilli & Honey Sauce, a Chipotle Chilli Salsa Mix and Tortillas so all you need to add is the chicken, onion, pepper and tomato. Other extras are of course optional and as you can see from the photos below, we like a few sides with ours to jazz them up.
The back of the fajita kit which has the instructions listed
The kit clearly explains how to make the ultimate fajitas and how to prepare the salsa which is always useful. Usually in packets like this, the salsa is ready for you but I liked that this just gives you a little sachet and allows for you to add your own tomatoes aswell as onion or any other seasoning you wish.
mexican salsa in bowl with fresh tomatoes next to it
Whilst our fajita mix was cooking and the tortillas were warming up in the oven, I prepared the refried beans which are genuinely one of my favourite things about fajitas. They do tend to be quite pricey for some reason but fajitas just aren't the same without them! Capsicana's Ultimate Refried Beans (£2.40) heat up in just 90 seconds in the microwave or you can just pop them into a saucepan which is what I did and heat gently to ensure they don't stick. These contain a combination of chipotle, smoked paprika and oregano so the flavour of them was delicious! They were definitely on the sticky side compared to other refried beans we've had in the past but they still went incredibly well with the rest of the meal.
flatlay of food - nachos, refried beans, sour cream, golden rice, tortillas, salsa and chicken
The award winning honey and garlic sauce on the chicken was beautiful. It was smokey but had a subtle sweet hint and just enough spice. It coated the chicken really well and there was more than enough for two of us. We added the chicken to our tortillas with some golden rice, refried beans, sour cream and salsa and they were incredible. So filling and comforting. The perfect meal for a Friday or Saturday night when you just want to chill and eat something hearty.
flatlay of food closeup - refried beans, golden rice, sour cream and chicken
flatlay - closeup - chicken, salsa, fajita kit
Writing this post has just made me want fajitas all over again so I think they'll be going on next weeks shopping list! If you want to try out the Capsicana Fajita Kit and the Refried Beans, you can find them both in Sainsburys. Capsicana also have a new Tomato and Coconut Fajita Kit aswell as an Ultimate Chilli Kit and even Refried Black Beans. I couldn't recommend these kits enough, so I really hope if you spot them, you give them a go!

What's your favourite weekend meal?

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Sophie said...

They sound delicious! I love Mexican food too, and refried beans are always a must! I made enchiladas a couple of days ago now I'm craving them all over again x


BeccaLois Blogs said...

Those photos look delicious! Fajitas with all the sides are such a great weekend meal. Becca x

Tiffany Timms said...

Ooh I love enchiladas, not had them in a while! xx

Tiffany Timms said...

Thank you! Perfect for a Friday or Saturday night xx

Heather Nixon said...

They look like great kits x

jennyinneverland said...

Chilli and honey sounds like an amazing combo for fajitas! I haven't had fajitas in soooo long but I adore all the ingredients - especially sour cream!


Imogen's Typewriter. said...

Mexican food is seriously the best!
Imogen’s Typewriter. <3

Daisy said...

I wish I could eat fajitas but the wraps always have gluten in them! I might have to try and find a gluten free alternative! Otherwise this sounds amazing!! xD

Daisy xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived

Joy said...

Totally up for the refried beans version

laumie said...

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