Monday 22 February 2021

My Post Lockdown 2021 Staycation Wishlist

 It wasn't too long ago I shared my general wishlist for city breaks in the UK so I apologise if this sounds really familiar. I'm finding this lockdown tough and one thing that does make me feel a bit brighter is planning for the future and that for me includes going on alllll the holidays post Covid/lockdown or just when we have some normality again. It's hard to put any proper plans in place cos you know everything's changing from one minute to the next and maybe this post is optimistic but I am hopeful that we might at least get from Summer onwards to enjoy this year (though let's hope it's far sooner, I am praying Spring brings better days) so there are so many places I'd love to visit. I can't see us heading abroad any time soon even once we officially can, the thought of it just makes me feel a bit anxious now but what this past year has shown me is how many beautiful places there are in the UK that I'd not appreciated enough before and some even right on our doorstep. collage with yellow background. Oxford Radcliffe Camera, The Shard London, Edinburgh Victoria Street, Whitby Abbey

I know I seem to bang on about Oxford all the time at the minute but that's because I just absolutely adored it when we visited last year. It feels like forever ago now and I can't quite believe how 'normal' life seemed back then compared to now even though at the time there was still so much we couldn't do. What I'd give to be at that point again though! I shared a travel guide for Oxford recently so I won't go on too much but I do think this will be the first place we book a city break to once we can. It just felt like such a chilled city and we could really take our time exploring with no need to rush or pack everything in. I'd love to climb to the top of the University Church of St Mary the Virgin next time for views of the city, I want to devour everything at Mowgli again and I just want to have that walking into a hotel feeling again. It's going to feel SO good.

I am desperate to get back to London as soon as we can. George and I have visited loads over the past few years and now our main reason for going is to see musicals which is something I'm missing more than ever right now. I often think back to when we saw Les Mis last January for my birthday and I can't believe how long ago that feels. It's crazy how much changed in the space of a few months. We had several shows cancelled last year that I am praying we get to see this year. The Arts has been hit massively by covid and I want to support allllll the shows when they re-open. London is my happy place and it's somewhere that I found a real comfort a few years ago when my anxiety was at its worst and even though now I feel in a much better place, for me there's nowhere like it and the way I feel when I'm there. I think whenever we get to go back and whenever we get to walk back into a theatre again, is going to be very emotional! 

The one place I want to head to this Summer is Whitby. We took Bear there for his first holiday in 2019 and we always planned to take him again this year so I really hope that can happen. He LOVES the seaside and it just makes my heart happy when I think of that holiday. I'd wanted a dog for so long and it was the first big trip we did with Bear and everything about it was perfect. You can't beat a few days away in a caravan sometimes can you? We had such a chilled few days walking around Whitby, eating much fish & chips and ice cream and Bear just had the time of his life. Let's just forget about when we let him off the lead on the beach in Scarborough and he bolted and we genuinely nearly lost him 😂

One thing I look forward to every single year is the Christmas markets and 2020 definitely didn't feel the same without them. Christmas is the best time of the year but understandably there was so much we couldn't do last year which really left me feeling flat and not quite as festive as usual. Who knows where we'll all be by the end of 2021 but it's surely gotta be better than last year hasn't it? If life is back to normal then or as normal as can be then I want to get to as many Christmas markets as possible! Give me all the overpriced food and hot chocolate. We were supposed to go to Edinburgh last December & I'm just hoping we can re-book it at some point for this year. It's looks so incredibly festive and there's so much I want to see. Fingers crossed.

To be honest after the last year there are a ridiculous amount of cities I'd love to visit. Bath has been on my list for ages and it just looks gorgeous so that would be another place to consider. York is also a favourite of ours and not too far away either so it would be nice to at least get a day there at some point. Honestly, I'd be happy with anything more than a walk around the same few places. It's hard to feel positive at the moment and if you're struggling too, know you're not alone. Whilst I have to remind myself of this quite often, we are on our way out of this now and things will get better. How good is it going to feel when all of this is just a distant memory? I can't wait and I know I'll never take anything for granted again.

Where's the first place you'd like to visit this year?

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Lindsey said...

Oh gosh, I'm definitely missing the musicals as well! I've never been to Oxford but it's definitely somewhere on my bucket list for sure. Fingers crossed you can get to these places as soon as it's safe to do so!

Isa A said...

I haven't been to UK so can't relate to any of it. But the descriptions are good to keep in mind. London is usually the most popular one for everyone to go if it's their first time. Well, let's see where the wind takes me this year. :D <3
Isa A. Blogger

jennyinneverland said...

When you get to London, let me know! I’d love to meet! Great list. I’m just desperate to go anywhere right now haha x

Nic said...

Thanks for sharing your list, I think the first place I would like to visit is Weymouth for some time at the sea side :)

Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

Kayleigh said...

I love Whitby and I genuinely can't to able to visit again! I love seaside towns and I like being near to the sea. Thanks for sharing x

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