Monday 25 October 2021

Can Some Food and Drinks Wrinkle Your Skin Permanently?

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Can the food that we eat and the drinks we consume contribute to wrinkled skin? Unfortunately, the answer is yes, poor dietary habits and wrinkles are linked in several direct and indirect ways. Wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of premature aging are often brought on by conditions such as obesity, malnutrition, poor hydration and mineral imbalances, among others. Although an unhealthy diet is not the only reason why people suffer from conditions that lead to premature aging, it is certainly one of the primary contributors. Scientists have identified various food and drinks directly linked to premature aging and we are about to warn you against some of the most harmful ones next.

Alcohol: A Leading Cause of Premature Aging
Most of us know how we look in the morning after a night of heavy drinking, so this one is quite self-explanatory! Although we tend to believe that those effects will always be temporary like they are now, that is not true. Frequent (weekly/biweekly) binge drinking sessions and excessive consumption of alcohol on a regular bases are both related to permanent wrinkles and other signs of premature aging. The negative effects of alcohol are brought on via constant but mild dehydration and skin inflammation. While some of the skin damage if irreversible without medical aesthetics treatment procedures, detoxed alcoholics can regain at least a portion of their original glamour with a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Refined Sugar: Sweetened Beverages & Food
When consumed regularly and in excess for a long time, refined sugar can become a cause for serious health concerns, addiction and of course, symptoms of premature aging. To get a better understanding of how excess sugar consumption is often responsible for wrinkles, fine lines and other dermatological health issues, just go through the following:

- Excess sugar availability creates glycotoxins, aka Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs)

- Glycotoxins break down collagen via oxidation, creating gaps between the fibres

- These gaps show up on the skin surface as wrinkles and lines

- Broken fibres leave the skin more prone to sun damage, which leads to a depending of existing wrinkles, as well as the formation of new ones

- AGEs are also linked to diabetes, a disease that damages the entire body from the inside

Are Your Wrinkles Reversible?
Thanks to technological advancements made in the field of medical aesthetics, PICO Clinics assures us that not only is it possible to reverse untimely wrinkles, but even natural, age-induced wrinkles can be reversed at their clinic. The clinic in London also specialises in treating lines (face, neck, forehead, etc) with the same technology. Since every human's skin is different, book an appointment with them first to know more.

Avoid adding sugar to your coffee/tea and reduce your consumption of artificially sweetened beverages (soda, refined fruit juice, cold coffee, etc). To avoid glycotoxins in particular, you will need to reduce your consumption of heat-processed sugar, dairy and meat products. As far as alcohol is concerned, it's better to practise the rule of portion control. Irrespective of the frequency, always keep your number of drinks per session low (1-3).

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