Thursday 30 December 2021

What I Read In September, October, November & December

 I have been so behind with blogging recently so this post is literally months later than I planned! I still wanted to share it before I talk my favourite books of the year and set myself a new Goodreads challenge. Luckily there aren't loads of books to talk about since my last reading roundup so it won't take too long to get through! Here are the books I read in September, October, November and December.

Eight Perfect Hours by Lia Louis - ⭐⭐⭐

It was in 2020 I think that I first read a book by Lia Louis, that being Dear Emmie Blue and I really did enjoy it. I was so excited for her new release Eight Perfect Hours so I grabbed it as soon as I saw it was on one of the kindle deals recently. On a snowy evening in March, Noelle finds herself stranded after a blizzard closes off the roads. All seems lost until she sees Sam Attwood, a handsome American stranger who is also stuck on the road with no-one for company. They find themselves stuck for eight perfect hours and at the end of that, neither of them want to say goodbye. Eventually parting, they both face facts, they'll never see each other again but maybe fate has other plans.... I'm glad I've got to read another book by Lia Louis as I find her writing style just flows really well and it always hooks me in but I can't say I loved this. It was sweet but I wouldn't be in a rush to read it again.

Baby It's Cold Outside by Emily Bell - ⭐⭐⭐⭐
This was such a lovely book and exactly the sort of thing that I needed. I read it all in about a day which in the past when I was reading all the time was a regular thing but not this year so that shows how much I enjoyed it. Baby It's Cold Outside follows Norah who faces Christmas alone contemplating the mad idea of trying to reconnect with someone she met ten years ago. All those years ago on a trip to Italy, she met & fell for Andrew but since then life has got in the way and they've not seen each other since. They planned that if they were both single on Christmas Eve 2019, they would meet in Dublin. Norah has nothing to lose but will Andrew be there? And even if he is, has she actually been missing out on someone a little closer to home? This was very predictable at times but I didn't even care, I just found it a really easy read and it made me feel all festive!

Worst Idea Ever by Jane Fallon - ⭐⭐⭐⭐
I find books by Jane Fallon so easy to read and I always tend to really enjoy them for that reason. When I've been in a slump with reading or just can't decide what to go for next, a book like Worst Idea Ever usually really gets me stuck in again. This is one of Jane's latest books and probably my favourite one from her so far. Worst Idea Ever is about best friends Georgia and Lydia. Best friends tell each other everything don't they? When Lydia's online business starts to struggle, Georgia wants to help her. Setting up a fake Twitter account do so, she hopes moral support from a potential new customer may give Lydia a boost. But then Lydia starts telling her new internet friend things about Georgia and Georgia realises maybe she's got herself in too deep. Can their friendship come back from this? This is definitely one of those books that you know from the beginning the characters have created an absolute mess and it's almost hard to read at times because of it but there's a lot of humour too and I really liked Georgia and her husband as characters.

The Girl Before by J.P. Delaney - ⭐⭐⭐⭐
This had been on my to read list for a long time so when the trailer for the TV adaptation was released, I knew it was finally time. When I can I like to read the book before seeing the show or movie if one has been made and I'm glad I did that with this. The Girl Before follows Emma and Jane. Two women in different years but in the same house. The first tenant Emma needs a new start. A house she can feel safe in after a break-in. One Folgate Street seems perfect. But there are rules. The landlord won't allow books, photos, clutter or personal effects. The house is intended to transform the occupant and that's exactly what it does to Emma. Years later Jane is the newest tenant. All seems too good to be true and she soon learns it is. She discovers how much she looks like the previous tenant and how similar they were but will she have the same tragic fate? This was such a good psychological thriller and I couldn't put it down. Loved the short, snappy chapters and it was so easy to flick from one persons perspective to another. I thought the TV adaptation was brilliant too. 

So that's finally a roundup of my final few books of the year! Not as many as I hoped but I think I know now not to aim so high with my reading challenge in 2022.

I'd love to know if you've read any of these books?

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