Monday 13 February 2017

My 5 Year Plan

Ever feel like everyone else is doing something with their life and your just stuck in the same place? I feel like that all the time and it's tiring. The last few years really haven't gone to plan for me and everytime I've got close to having my life together, something has come along and messed it up. I'm determined that 2017 will be a good year and will be the year things finally start looking up and put us on the path to all the things we've been wanting for years. I've decided to make a 5 year plan of all the main things I really want to achieve. I want to be able to look back on this whenever I'm feeling down and remind myself of what I'm working towards and hopefully it will give me some motivation to keep going and really work hard in everything I do. I would also love to look back in 5 years and be able to say, I managed to do all the things on my list. 

1. Find A Job I Love 

At the moment I don't really know what that job will be but I want to find something I truly love and look forward to going to everyday. I mentioned in my 2017 goals that I'm interested in becoming a teaching assistant or doing something within a school so at the moment that's what I'm looking for but there's no saying that will definitely happen. Whenever I worked in a school as part of my college course I always enjoyed it and I loved having the responsibility of teaching small groups and feeling a bit important so I'm hoping that's what I'll end up doing at some point. If not I'm quite happy to go back into an admin job. I actually really enjoyed the work I did at my last job, just not some of the people so much. I was good at it and I think I would be quite happy working in an office again. I'm just planning on finding something part time to start with. With my anxiety, full time is quite a lot of pressure and when I was having a bad day at my last job, I really struggled so I think I need that time at home during the week too.

2. Make My Blog A Success 

I don't really know what I mean by make my blog a success but I suppose I just want it to keep on growing. Of course I would love to make this my proper job one day as I'm sure a lot of bloggers would but I'm under no illusion that it probably won't happen and if I'm never in that position, I'll carry on with it as my hobby. I absolutely love my little blog so whether it's my job or just something I do on the side, I just want to carry on with it and see what happens.

3. Buy A Car 

We have been saying for so long that we need a car and 2017 has to be the year we get one. I can deal with trams and buses to a certain extent but sometimes you just think, a car would make our lives so much easier. It's becoming a priority this year for at least George to do his lessons and hopefully be on track to get a car by the end of the year. I definitely want us to have a car by the time we move, it would be literally impossible otherwise as we'll be doing a lot of it by ourselves. 

4. Rent A House 

I do love our little flat but I really want us to be in a house by 2018. As much as we would love to buy a house, it isn't gonna happen in the next 5 years so our next aim is to just rent a house where that we can properly make ours. By 2018 we'll have been here for over 3 years and if we don't move by then I don't know when we will. We've been saying for so long we want to and then we just never get round to saving money or something else has to take priority. Even though our flat does feel more like home now, for me I think it's always been temporary, it was never going to be somewhere we stay for more than a few years so we have to make a plan soon so we can move next year. Even if its towards the end of 2018 that we move, I just want a house with a garden so we can properly start the next part of our lives.

5. Get Married 

In November we'll have been engaged 3 years and I honestly don't know where that time has gone! We've wanted to get married from the moment we got engaged but due to money and circumstances we've never been in the position to actually book anything. We didn't decide until the end of 2016 where we really wanted to get married and how we we were going to do it but now we finally have some proper plans and I actually spoke to someone a few weeks ago about getting something booked. It feels like we're really getting somewhere with it now and even if we're not by the end of this year, which would be lovely and is what we're hoping for, we at least want to have something booked. We just want to be married and have the same name.

6. Have A Baby

 I know a baby can't always be planned and things don't always go the way you hope too but we would love to have a baby within the next 5 years. We've wanted a family for years already and we're really excited at the thought of having children together so we really don't want to leave it too much longer, especially because there's no guarantee it's going to happen straight away or at all. It's something we think about a lot and for a long time it's never felt like the right time but I don't think there ever really will be. By the end of 2018 I would at least like to be pregnant, of course I'd love a baby much sooner than that and if that happens then that's wonderful but I'm very aware life doesn't always go as planned so we'll just have to wait and see. I feel like being a mum is the only thing I'm meant to do and it's something I've wanted for so long so children are definitely in our plans for the next few years in some way.

These are all the main sort of things I really want to happen in the next 5 years, of course there are other things too like you know getting a dog and going on nice holidays but I didn't think those really needed to be mentioned!

Anyway, have you made a 5 year plan? I would love to read other peoples!

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