Friday, 24 February 2017

Slimming World Update...

I started backing on Slimming World on the 1st of January and even though I haven't lost loads of weight since then, things have been a bit rocky the last few weeks, I have been losing and I want to document my progress on here. In the past I've followed Slimming World for a few months then given up but this time I am determined that is not going to happen. I have a set amount of weight I want to lose and 2017 is the year I achieve it. I'm not going to be sharing my actual weight but the other day I just really felt like doing a post on this and showing you some of the food I've been eating. I'm not sure if these will be a regular thing, hopefully, but I know I don't cope well when I put myself under pressure so we'll just see. I might do them every so often.

Slimming World is a plan that doesn't feel like a diet, basically because it isn't. It's a lifestyle change and that's really what I needed. It's teaching me about food, I'm finding new meals to cook, it allows me to have treats but to not go overboard and generally I just love it.

Week 1 - Lost 5lbs - I was so happy with this. I had really made an effort to get back on plan on the 1st of January and it paid off. I had been eating lots of lovely food but still allowing myself leftover Christmas chocolate so I didn't feel deprived at all. That week a few of my meals were: roast beef with oxo potatoes and loads of veg, slow cooker nandos chicken and campfire stew.
Week 2 - Maintained - I was quite happy to maintain in my second week because it had just been my birthday and I had eaten a lot of food! Even though I eventually got back on plan, I did carry on eating bad for quite a few days. A few of my on plan meals that week were: chicken in red wine, hunters chicken and cajun chicken and halloumi.
Week 3 - Lost 2lb - After a maintain I was so pleased to have lost in my third week. A lot of people complain when they lose 1 or 2lbs and think it isn't enough but it all adds up and for me, as long as I'm losing then I'm happy. That week I had: Keema Curry Pie, Spicentice Burgers and Pizza Chicken.
Week 4 - Gained 6lbs - I had a massive gain in my fourth week which at first I didn't want to put on here but it was deserved and I want to be honest. There was Georges birthday and we had been to London so I had eaten lots of doughnuts and pizza. I really enjoyed myself and I don't feel guilty at all. I got back on plan once we were home. 

Week 5 - Lost 6lb - I managed to lose all of my gain the following week which I was thrilled about. That week I had eaten meals like: Slow cooker chicken provenzal, spaghetti bolognese and jacket potatoes with heinz chickpea tagine.
Week 6 - Lost 1lb - Only a small loss in week 6 but again I was happy with it. Meals that week included: Healthy KFC chicken, Italian Bean Stew and Pesto Pasta.
Some of the treats and snacks I've been eating over the last 8 weeks include: Mint oreos, peanut butter oreos, orange rice cake bars, cheerios, pink lady apples, beans and sausage, fibre one bars, chocolate lollies, and crisps. All of these things are fine in moderation and especially on Slimming World, you get a certain amount of 'syns' to use each day so I've been using them on things like this and also sauces. I've been filling up on free food like pasta, rice, fruit and veg and I never feel hungry.
So overall I've lost 8lbs. I know I could have lost more but in my defence I've had my birthday, Georges birthday, valentines, london and generally I have been so stressed and anxious over the last few weeks so for me to have lost anything is a miracle. I just want to keep it up and hopefully carry on losing and get to my target weight/size.

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