Thursday 23 January 2020

Make Your Home Move Easier*

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Moving home can be a stressful time. In fact, it's often cited as one of the most stressful things that we can do alongside divorce and redundancy. As we also know, moving home is also a really exciting period in our lives. It can be an upgrade in living standard, moving closer to friends - even a new job! The trick is making the home moving experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. To help you in doing that we're going to cover three tips to help your next home move go as smoothly as it can.
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Spending Under Control

According to Barclays, the average home move in the UK costs £8,855. That's expensive. The crazy part is that we all tend to overpay for products and services when we're moving home. There are lots of reasons for that, but one of the more unknown ones is because of something known as the 'primacy bias'. The primacy bias is something we all naturally have being human. It essentially means that our perception of something is influenced by what we have just seen beforehand. The classic example is if you were to walk into a high-end bridal shop and are shown dresses entirely in the £6,000 - £7,000 range. Then, they bring out a dress for a the low-low price of £3,500. In this scenario we have a tendency to see this price as much cheaper than it actually is, because it was preceded by something twice as expensive. Had you walked in and see the £3,500 dress initially you wouldn't perceive it to be as cheap. When it comes to moving home, this applies to everything. You're spending tens of thousands, so when you're asked if you would like the legal on-top for £1,200 we say, 'sure'. Because we're spending such high sums of money we don't question the price as much despite the fact we can get it much cheaper. In short, try and reduce the amount you spend and be aware of your natural biases.

Get Planning

When someone tells us to 'plan better' we tend to have the reaction of 'of course!'. In reality though, most of us don't do proper planning when we're moving home. And we need to. There are two key things to stay on top of when it comes to moving: your budget and your timeline. It is best practise to start by outlining how much money you need to spend on the move. If you're buying a home this might involve separating out the costs for things that you need when you move in and other items you could wait for - like that Jacuzzi you have your eye on. In terms of timing, find a really good online moving checklist. Understand what needs to happen and when it needs to happen by. Moving is very busy so invariably we will all forget one thing or another. Having a comprehensive list or plan to follow will make your home move much smoother.

Save Time & Cut Costs

With the growth of accessible technology the ability to save both time and money has never been so accessible. SlothMove is one such company. They actually enable you to update your address online, cut costs on setting-up your bills and get you access to free stuff - like Tastecard. Instead of having to make 20+ phone calls repeating the same information, you can just 'say it once' and update them all at once. It's also completely free - so whether you need to 'change address on driving license', update your councils or anything else, be sure to check them out. You can also cut costs by creating a thorough written budget and, more difficulty, sticking to it. This is more difficult to do when you're buying a home but also more much important.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you are now fully prepared to make your home move easier. Some of these tips are simple, but can carry a significant impact in terms of making your home move much more enjoyable. And the final thing to bear in mind is that moving home ought to be fun. And that means making time for yourself amidst the chaos of moving. That could be an evening completely off during the week or a day trip. Whatever it is, make sure you take time for yourself.

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