Sunday 26 January 2020

Travelling To Mongolia? Read This First!

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A trip to Mongolia is probably a once in lifetime experience unless you really fall in love with the country, but you can't just book and go, some preparation is essential. If you book through a recognised Trans-Siberian railway tour operator, they can take the hassle out of the preparation and arrange everything from the necessary visa to your food, excursions and accommodation. If you do decide to do it alone and travel independently, the checklist below should be of assistance.
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Mongolia Travel - The Essentials

As previously mentioned, independent travel to Mongolia takes planning and preparation but if you have been browsing the selection of Trans-Siberian holidays available, you will have noticed the vast majority of them offer excellent value for money. But if your heart is set on independently travelling to this vast country, please see below for some things you need to know prior to departure.

Entry Requirements - You need a visa before you travel to Mongolia. A Mongolia tourist visa is valid for 30 days from the date of issue and can be extended in-country by 30 days.

Vaccinations - A number of vaccinations are wise in advance of a trip to Mongolia. Your local GP of travel clinic will be able to provide more upto date information.

Safety and Security - Violent crime is rare. The biggest danger by far is travelling by road in certain areas. Bad conditions in conjunction with poor standards of driving can make travelling by road a hair-raising experience.

Local Laws and Customs - Possession or any use of any type of drugs is highly illegal and should be avoided at all costs unless you fancy an extended holiday in a Mongolian prison. Be culturally sensitive to Buddhist Monks and local people alike. Follow the examples of local people and you won't go far wrong. Be aware, that outside of areas frequented by tourists, the level of English will be limited or non-existent. A phrase book or an offline app may be useful.

Travel Insurance - Due to the isolated nature of much of the country, medical assistance maybe hours or even days away. Make sure you have a travel insurance policy that covers repatriation, better safe than sorry. For minor ailments, follow the advice of local people.

Packing List - The climate can vary wildly depending on the areas you visit and the season. Seasoned travellers recommend good trekking shoes, a headlamp, first aid kit and layers of warm clothing that can be peeled on and off according the current weather conditions. It is also important to take as much personal medication as you need for the duration of your stay and a little bit extra for good measure.
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The vast majority of visits to Mongolia are trouble free, particularly if you book a tour with an experienced tour operator. If you want to find out more about visiting Mongolia, there are a number of resources online where you can look. Government and official tourism websites are usually the best sources of upto date information.

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